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How to Turn Your Moments Into Magic Through the Power of Miracle Habits! Mitch Horowitz

Michael Sandler July 10, 2020 13

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If you’ve ever wanted to radically transform your life, then do we have The Miracle Habits show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Mitch Horowitz, award winning PEN historian, new thought leader, best-selling author, and the author of another new all-time favorite of mine for getting you off your couch and into your dreams, “The Miracle Habits”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about personal power, key habits, and the secret of turning your moments into miracles.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The forceful reset that is the current pandemic and the oncoming Mercury direct that will give us a sense of tremendous opening, resurgence, and relief (03:28)
  • The extreme power and intimacy of a physical symbol on one’s body like shaving one’s head (10:55)
  • The importance of testing, verifying, and questioning the principles of our alternative spiritual cultures (13:50)
  • Giving ourselves a break from seeking peer approval (17:27)
  • Using disruption in an ethical way while also paying attention to Edward Brunet’s ideas (22:25)
  • Challenging Neville and how attaining the feeling state of the wish fulfilled facilitates its unfoldment (27:21)
  • Having a willingness to use every possible means available to us to seek spiritual growth and fulfilment (35:56)
  • The value of having an unwavering focus: Choosing one thing very carefully and being absolutely concentrated about it (38:50)
  • How Mitch stole time to be able to write his books, be a father, and do all his work (40:30)
  • Why the US failed in Vietnam and how that relates to the need for absolute dedication in everything we do  (42:47)
  • Creating a total environment that is expressive on every level of what we’re trying to get across about our lives (48:48)
  • How our thoughts, emotions, and mental visualizations hold power over our reality (52:15)
  • The ten day miracle challenge: Arriving at a very simple and clear desire that you want in the short time especially during this time (57:12)
  • Rearranging in a harmonious way the stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves (01:01:46)
  • Giving ourselves the liberty to make the physical change that will an assertion of ourselves (01:06:35)

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    How to Turn Your Moments Into Magic Through the Power of Miracle Habits! Mitch Horowitz
    Michael Sandler

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