How to Use Hawaiian Magic! Jonathan Hammond and the 7 Laws of Huna!

Michael Sandler July 22, 2020 15

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If you’ve ever wanted to attract and create a better life or a better world, then do we have the Shaman’s Mind show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Jonathan Hammond, teacher, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, spiritual counselor, Harvard graduate, and the author of my all-time favorite book on Hawaiian Shamanism, “Shaman’s Mind”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about Huna wisdom and Hawaiian magic to attract and change your life.

Key Points Discussed:

  • What happened when you visited the Hawaiian volcano of Haleakalā? (03:27)
  • How being counterintuitive puts us on the soul’s path to living a spiritual life (06:16)
  • Putting an end to the virus of the mind that causes us to self cannibalize in our own greed and selfishness (07:39)
  • How the hidden gifts of the soul are brought out by the difficulties we face (12:10)
  • What the turtle means for Jonathan and the rest of the world (14:20)
  • What is a hunatic and Hawaiian magic? (17:20)
  • The time to share the wisdom traditions we learn with the world (21:01)
  • Our co-creative relationship with reality: Experiencing the world based on how we think about it and how reality shifts based on how we think about it (22:22)
  • The magical power of choice and what it has to do with anything (24:45)
  • How what we think and act upon creates a butterfly effect elsewhere (26:06)
  • The importance of naming what we want and the visioning exercise that can help us do that (27:27)
  • Eliciting the creative energies of the universe that can help us achieve what we want (29:25)
  • Taking a hint when a door closes by knowing that things will work out for our good (33:07)
  • Loving ourselves as we love God (37:58)
  • How caring what everyone else thinks takes us off the spiritual path (40:09)
  • Looking at what our difficulties symbolize instead of blaming ourselves (46:12)
  • The intelligence of spirit and how it holds on to information for us until when we will need to know it (52:15)
  • How effectiveness is a measure of truth (54:12)
  • Administering love to ourselves and our problems so we can heal ourselves and lift the problems (57:12)

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    How to Use Hawaiian Magic! Jonathan Hammond and the 7 Laws of Huna!
    Michael Sandler

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