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If you’ve ever wanted to use metaphysics to change your life and change the world, then do we have the Magic of Believing Action Plan show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Mitch Horowitz, a leader in the new thought movement, a 2020 writer and residence at the New York public library, PEN Award-Winning historian, the author of “The Miracle Club”, and the Napoleon Hill Success Course series including the “Secrets of Self-Mastery”, and the author of a powerful new treaty on mind as creator, “The Magic of Believing Action Plan”  

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how we create a new future for ourselves, our country, and the world, through the power of our mind. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • Owning your craft under challenging and difficult situations (04:26)
  • Does metaphysics and trust issues go hand in hand? (06:36)
  • Why it’s difficult to enter into the feeling state of having received despite having positive thoughts, trust and believing (08:27)
  • The embedded trigger deeply rooted in us that kills our ability to talk ourselves out of grief or fear (10:00)
  • Are we temporarily creating a collective nightmare within our minds? (16:11) 
  • Who was Claude M. Bristol? (17:00)
  • Simultaneously having a passionate and unshakeable aim with two different things as an individual and as a collective (22:00)
  • Having a specific vision for yourself and seeing how that fits into the whole framework of the collective outlook (25:33)
  • The beginner’s mind and its importance (28:40)
  • Telepathy: How the mind communicates in extra physical waves (35:02)
  • The concept of psychobiology fields and the existence of group instincts (39:27)
  • The Maharishi Effect and its relevance today (43:18) 
  • Some of the individual changes we can make for the benefit of all (44:27)
  • Quantum physics and how we choose the universe we want to play out (45:47)
  • How to shift our awareness in order to change the outcomes in our lives (45:50)
  • How our emotional beliefs influence our outcomes and how to positively persuade yourself in order to tip the scale in your favor (49:00)
  • Helping the subconscious accept the new reality by constructing an archetype of how you would function in the new state we are in (53:02)
  • Using Mantras and affirmations as a tool to staying in an intentional state of positivity (56:09)
  • Symbols, symbolic meanings, and beliefs (59:58)
  • The power of the written word (01:04:44)
  • What advice would Claude Bristol give us today for what we are going through? (01:07:43)

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