How to Use Stay At Home to Grow Your Wings!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

Michael Sandler May 8, 2020 9

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If you’ve ever wanted to grow your butterfly wings especially during this COVID-19, “interesting time,” then do we have the butterfly training school show for you!

Today we’ll talk about cocooning deep, stepping in, and growing those butterfly wings to set you free this year. Plus we’ll talk about balancing female and male energies, cathodic stabbing pains, on the couch, deep healing, birthdays, sawing ankles, mask majorities, team growth, growing pains, rainbow synchronicities, three years to 125s, chipmunk meditations, and what in the world a quiff and quaff have to do with anything. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • Growth for Inspire Nation, getting new team members and setting up some great new systems in place (03:22)
  • The metamorphosis that’s going on globally right now (04:20)
  • The opening up of things in Colorado and Michael’s first town council talk (07:30)
  • Diving into the heart, vibrating at a different frequency and coming into coherence (10:47)
  • The value of losing control and just having the faith to create a positive reality (13:56)
  • Being a fierce warrior who cuts through the delusions and gets to the pure clarity of what is (18:14)
  • How we can harmonize aspects of our being (22:28)
  • The power of letting go, giving up, and allowing into change (26:47)
  • Looking at being out of alignment and not being held securely from a spiritual perspective (30:00)
  • The second haircut Jessica has ever given Michael and how awesome it is (35:58)
  • Michael’s drop-in meditation while feeding a dozen chipmunks (38:36)
  • Letting go of everything and holding on to our faith and grace (42:00)

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    How to Use Stay At Home to Grow Your Wings!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
    Michael Sandler

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