How We Create Stories in Our Mind and Taking a Leap of Faith! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu – #1396

Michael Sandler September 25, 2020 12

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If you’ve ever wanted to free yourself from smoke shackles and more, then do we have the wings of change show for you.

Today we’ll talk about flying above the fray, seeing through the smoke, and coming out shining bright no matter what comes your way.

We discuss about our upcoming RV trip and our destination to the unknown, the smoke that packed its bags and took itself to the mountains and the impact that has had on the mind, trying new things and overcoming the fear that comes with it, reflecting on our book tour, how we create stories in our mind and the self negative talk that we give ourselves, former pro cyclist Michael talks letting go of who you think you are and opens up to trying an Electric Mountain Bike, and how Roo Roo the Rooster is growing up to be a beautiful rooster who has mastered the art of yoga poses and is the protector of his flock!

Be well, have fun, and realise it’s so true, objects in the mirror are not how they appear to be. Write your own story of what this looks like, and what you want it to look like, and above and beyond all else, Shine Bright!


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    How We Create Stories in Our Mind and Taking a Leap of Faith! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu – #1396
    Michael Sandler

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Michael Sandler

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