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HUMANITY IS IN A TIME OF RECKONING! What do we need to know from the Guides and do? with Paul Selig

Michael Sandler December 4, 2020 14

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what in the world is going on today and what it means for the future of you and humanity, then do we have the Realization show for you. The Guides share their wisdom and knowledge with Paul Selig so that we may open our minds to the ultimate manifestation.

Today I’ll be talking with Paul Selig, medium and author of many of my all-time favorite spiritual texts including the Book of Freedom, and his latest masterpiece, Beyond the Known: Realization.

That is just what I want to talk with him about today, about moving beyond our current elusion and fears to see a new reality.

Key Points Discussed

  • Humanity is in a time of reckoning a chance to come in the present moment and see who we are (03:46) 
  • The process of realization and enlightenment of who we really are on the inside (07:00)
  • What is the idea of a collective consciousness and the opportunities that arise from it (09:33)
  • Are we collectively wishing a new world into existence or are we collectively wishing because we are all drawn like bees to honey right now? (10:31)
  • How you attend to and interpret a symbol, or an experience is what differentiates a dream from a nightmare (12:01)
  • How to move through the shadows and not get stuck or sucked in by the dark (13:55)
  • By understanding the source and the act of the divinely you create union and harmony in times of the storm (16:39)
  • The true self in vibration lifts what it encounters by the nature of being (20:56)
  • Where do we begin to get into this higher resonance particularly at this time? (21:47)
  • Realization is not about changing who you are entirely but releasing out a false idea (22:18)
  • The actions you take in fear conceive more fear (28:39)
  • Paul Selig Psychology 101 (29:42)
  • This is an opportunity to re-know who we are and know who everybody else around us is (32:40)
  • What is the transition one undergoes individually and collectively between the octaves of expression? (33:34)
  • Seeing a wave of possibility and the inherent potential in this time by recognizing the divinity (36:49)
  • This is an opportunity to wake up and evaluate how we treat each other and care for one another (39:58)
  • Knowing who you truly are and recognizing the divinity in your brother (43:22)
  • Change will only be positive depending on how we collectively decide to approach situations (46:19)
  • The universe does not understand the negative (46:56)
  • God appears in moments when you can’t control everything, and this is one of those times (51:15)
  • Moving beyond fear (54:36)
  • How important would you say is prayer during this time? (55:18)
  • Last words of hope and wisdom from Paul Selig during this difficult time (56:20)

To find out more visit: https://paulselig.com/

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    HUMANITY IS IN A TIME OF RECKONING! What do we need to know from the Guides and do? with Paul Selig
    Michael Sandler

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