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Hi everyone, welcome back to Inspire Nation, I’m your ever-chipper co-host Jessica Lee.

If you ever find yourself low on focus, high on anxiety, and with a bit of a scrambled mind, whether we call it ADD, or simply a product of our hectic modern world, then do we have the show for you! 

Today we’ll be talking with Michael Sandler, your super-positive ever-focused co-host on inspire nation. But he wasn’t always this way, he was diagnosed early with ADHD, and it’s taken him years to rewire his mind, and go from completely out of focus to being in the zone.

So today we’ll talk about how we can all begin to rewire our minds, gain greater focus, keep our energy from spinning out, and keep ourselves grounded, even during this crazy time of the year.

Plus we’ll look at sandboxes, principals offices, running to school, jumping out windows, classroom windows that is, and what in the world chocolate milk had to do with anything?

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What is the “ADD or ADHD Boom” going on today?
  2. Are people over-diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)?
  3. Why we’re all having focus challenges these days whether we have ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or not.
  4. Why the “computers of our mind” are running out of Ram.
  5. How Michael went to grad school as a tested “village idiot”
  6. The importance of grazing for Michael’s focus and blood sugar issues.
  7. Why kids often melt down.
  8. Why emotional issues may actually be blood sugar issues.
  9. How do we help kids to get through the holidays.
  10. How meditation can help.
  11. How much does sleep play a role in attention challenges?
  12. Are we taking on too much these days?
  13. Is one of the problems an inability for us to unplug.
  14. The importance of saying no and unplugging.
  15. The importance of stepping away from email or stepping away from the smart phone.
  16. The importance of shutting down the electronics an hour before getting to bed and dimming the lights at night.
  17. Why we are not our accomplishments and why our self-worth is not determined by how hard we work or how long we work.
  18. What does it mean to go hunting in your mind?
  19. The importance of being mindful of our thoughts.
  20. Other coping mechanisms that help with your focus
  21. The importance of diet for focus concentration or ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder)
  22. The importance of nature
  23. The importance of movement
  24. How a heart rate monitor can help you instantly relax
  25. What’s the significance with the morning news?
  26. The importance of using our media to set a good tone for us for the day.
  27. The importance of finding news that enables you.
  28. How to stay present during the holidays.

Whether You Call it ADD, XYZ, or Just Our Crazy Minds in a Hectic World You Can Turn Your Brain Into Your Greatest Ally for Greater Relaxation, Focus & Concentration! Michael Sandler & Jessica Lee | Inspiration | Motivation | Health | Psychiatry | Attention Deficit Disorder | ADHD | Self-Help

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