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It was the ultimate twist of fate that a famous neurosurgeon who taught at Harvard, and would tell patients and students alike that the soul is merely an illusion of the mind, would be struck down with what should have been a fatal brain disease.

Dr. Eben Alexander spent a week in a coma, brain-dead with cerebral meningitis, with doctors suggesting his wife pull the plug. They gave up on antibiotics and waited for him to die. But after 7 days without any signs of brain activity, he miraculously came back, and with the most incredible near-death experience to share.

This is a truly life-changing interview. Here’s a doctor who’s entire life was built around a premise that there is no afterlife. And yet when he returns, he shares a completely different story. If you believe his story, and it’s hard not to, then it completely changes, or affirms, everything we think about life, about death, and where we’re going from here.

It can’t help but get you thinking, and quite possibly living your life a different way.

This is an incredibly powerful and heartfelt interview that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, and leave you feeling great to be alive! 

Show Introduction:

Today we have a life-changing guest on the show. I found his book to be incredible powerful, and moving. It’s ironic to say moving, since you used to be one of the most analytical, left-brained people out there.

His name is Dr. Eben Alexander, until 2008 he had been a renowned academic neurosurgeon for over 30 years and taught at Harvard Medical Center for over 15 years. He thought he knew how the mind, brain and consciousness worked, and that Near Death Experiences, and any other unusual experiences were merely illusions or aberrations created by the mind. If someone was resuscitated and told him about it, perhaps seeing a bright light, or visiting deceased loved one’s, he’d very kindly and compassionately tell them it just wasn’t possible. It wasn’t science, and that they’re mind made it up.

Yet he’d seen a lot in the operating room and in ER. He’d seen patient appear to die and come back. He’d seen miraculous bursts of lucidity or clarity just before people’s deaths, and much more that he couldn’t even begin to explain. But as a hard-nosed scientist, he ignored people’s stories, reports, and what he’d even seen with his own two eyes.

And that made him such a perfect candidate for what would happen next.

That’s where we pick up the interview, talking about Near Death Experiences, the possibility of after-life, about what the human brain does and does not do…or maybe to say, why it doesn’t let us see certain things, and why what he experienced means so much for us.

This won’t be all woo-woo, because that’s not where Dr. Alexander comes from, he comes from the linear, right brain, Age of Reason, scientific, PROVE IT WITH SCIENCE and statistics world.

This is a life-changing interview, if nothing else, it’ll stop you in your tracks, giving you a new perspective on life, on death, and of living your greatest life here on Earth.

For myself, I found Dr. Eben Alexander’s book Proof of God, to be perhaps the most single important book I’ve ever read this lifetime. And if you know my show, you’ll know I read a LOT.

Topics Include:

Topics and Questions:

  1. What was Dr. Eben Alexander like before he “died”.
  2. What happened physically when he contracted meningitis.
  3. Why he shouldn’t have lived from the rare, fatal disease.
  4. What he experiencing while he was brain dead.
  5. What was happening to him spirituality during this week and beyond.
  6. Could it have been a brief hallucination, delusion, or fantasy?
  7. Reading your latest book, it seems like these experiences have happened since the beginning of written work, if these are so real, why haven’t they been studied, or written up, or why isn’t this knowledge mainstream?
  8. There’s a point in your journey where you were travelling on a butterfly, and a woman was there with you who told you three key things. What were those three things?
  9. How long did it feel like you were gone for?
  10. In the Map of Heaven, you talk about having lost hope, or the newness for life before your experience. What were you like when you came back?
  11. I (Michael Sandler) have had two near-death experiences, both of which radically changed me. Even the laugh you here now, and my Woo Hoo came out of my experiences. I’m not the same person I was, each time I died on the trails. How have you changed?
  12. During my second experience, the best-way I could describe it, was I was getting downloads, like drinking from a firehouse. I was laying in a freezing creek by Lake Tahoe, forcing myself to breath, staring out up at the most brilliant sun I’ve ever seen, while torrents of information seemed to come to me. I’m still working to decipher them all, but this show was one of the pieces that came out of it. I was reading in your book that you were taking these fantastical visits and getting the most incredible downloads. I don’t know how you put it in words, but what kind of downloads were you getting?
  13. What kind of downloads did you get?
  14. What’s your latest insight based on the downloads or on the experience?
  15. What does this experience mean for us?
  16. What can you tell us about the brain and consciousness, based on what you’ve learned
  17. Jessica always asks that I ask a question about children, child-raising, or infants. In this case, she asked if kids come into this world without the same veil, buffers, or restrictions of an adult mind, kids brains also limit them in the same way adult brains do, or is the veil more translucent at this point?
  18. What are some of the key themes you learned from your journey?
  19. What does it mean to be living under the aspect of eternity?
  20. What does Love vs. Fear mean to you?
  21. How can we live differently based on what you’ve experienced?
  22. Writing this book could not have done wonders for your career as a neurosurgeon, so why did you write this book? And what’s the most important thing you hope people get from it?
  23. Why did you write The Map of Heaven, your second book?
  24. You write toward the end of your second book The Map of Heaven, a quote of Aldous Huxley, a famous writer “This world is an illusion, but it is an illusion we must take seriously. Because it is real as far as it goes…we must find a way of being in this world while not being in it.” Why did you include this, and what do you mean by it?

Brain Dead On Life Support for a Week, Harvard Neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander No Longer Says There’s No Such Thing as Heaven or an Afterlife. Learn Valuable Insights from His Amazing Experience! As Seen on Oprah | Inspiration | Spirituality | Self-Help

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