[INSPIRE 123] ELIZABETH MURRAY – HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART & THRIVE!!! Motivation | Creativity | Spirituality | Self-Help

Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 12

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Turn your life into a living work of art!

If you’ve ever felt there was more to life than just a 9 to 5 grind, then this interview with Elizabeth Murray, best-selling author of Living Life in Full Bloom (and tender of Monet’s gardens for over 30 years!) is for you!

Learn how to live passionately, heart-centered, and to truly thrive.

She teaches you how to live a creative, sustainable life, without compromise.

And she shares life-mapping techniques to help you discover your passion, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Other Topics include:

  1. Following love, passion, and beauty
  2. Living a life of contribution
  3. Finding sustainability in everything
  4. How to get in alignment with our values and passion
  5. How to bring out magic in our lives
  6. How to discover our values
  7. Finding your inner-voice, finding your guidance
  8. Spending time in nature and time in silence
  9. How to take a courageous stand with the earth
  10. How to take risks and try “foolish projects” out!
  11. How to truly take care of ourselves
  12. How to ask for help
  13. The healing power of humor
  14. Staying in a place of joy and play
  15. Spirit-weaving, bringing spirituality into your daily life
  16. How to be a lighthouse or a giant beacon of life
  17. Life-Mapping to live the life of your dreams
  18. Reengaging our inner-child, play, starting art again, reengaging in creativity
  19. How to keep your child connected and heart-centered
  20. How to overcome perfection

Learn how to live your most passionate, creative, celebrated life! Elizabeth Murray author of Living Life in Full Bloom shows you how! Discover your passion, get in alignment & build the life of your dreams! | Inspiration | Spirituality | Self-Help

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    [INSPIRE 123] ELIZABETH MURRAY – HOW TO LIVE FROM YOUR HEART & THRIVE!!! Motivation | Creativity | Spirituality | Self-Help
    Michael Sandler

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