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Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 6

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If you’ve ever felt a twisting in your gut, nervous, anxious, or a dreaded fear that just won’t go away, like there’s a piano just above you getting ready to fall, then you are NOT alone, and do we have the show for you!

Today I’m interviewing Kevin Davis, Anxiety Coach and Co-Host of the top-rated Anxiety Coaches Podcast!

We’ll talk about why we all face anxiety, what it means, and most importantly what we can do to leave it behind. Anxiety shouldn’t stop us from loving the lives we lead, or leading the lives we’d love.

Plus we’ll also look at what to do when panic does come up, so we’re not immobilized or feeling sick to our stomach.

Today we’ll cut those strings to the dangling piano, and work to free ourselves from the fear so we can truly Live Fearlessly.

Topics Include:

  1. Kevin’s Near Fatal Car Accident
  2. What is PTSD?
    1. What is CPTSD – complex PTSD
      1. Multiple Events
      2. Childhood
    2. How Anxiety and PTSD Involves daily triggers and replaying of the events
      1. Leads to not trusting one’s body
    3. How Kevin pulled himself out of the hole
      1. Started using guided visualizations – that relaxation time, doing that every day, trains the brain (exercises the brain) to help you to calm down.
    4. As long as you’re human and have a pulse, you’ll experience some anxiety at some point.
    5. Definition Anxiety
      1. Worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future
    6. Lao tzu on Anxiety and Depression
      1. The How To’s – There is no simple rescue, it is a practice
        1. Focus on past, have depression
        2. Focus on future, have anxiety
      2. The most important thing:
        1. Finding the trick that works for you to force yourself back into the moment
        2. Focusing on something
        3. For example Public Setting…
          1. Mindfulness – focusing on a distant person in great detail
          2. Rubber-band snapping on wrist to force you back into the present moment
        4. What is Anticipatory Anxiety and How to Control It
          1. Anxious now and more likely to be anxious in the situation
        5. How to Use Visualization for Success to Control and Eliminate Anxiety
          1. Racing in Europe and burning success or an automatic response into your body and mind
        6. Key Point: Don’t let your thoughts have so much power!
        7. com

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    [INSPIRE 64] KEVIN DAVIS – HOW TO RELAX & LEAVE WORRIES BEHIND! Anxiety Coaches Podcast | Health | Spirituality | Self-Help
    Michael Sandler

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