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Do you ever wonder what you’re most incredible self is truly capable of, if you were giving half the chance? What you could do, build, achieve, design how you could thrive or shine, if only there was a way!

Well if this sounds even remotely like you (and this means pretty-much all of us) then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Bernie Roth, cofounder of the Stanford D. School, one of the world’s pioneers in robotics, and the primary developer of the concept of the Creativity Workshop. He’s one of the most empowering people you’ll ever meet, and he’s also the best-selling author of one of my NEW favorite books on achieving your dreams, called, The Achievement Habit

Well today we’ll talk about moving past the what if’s and the if onlys…SO you can stop wishing and start doing, and take command of your life to achieve goals you once never thought possible.

That, plus we’ll discuss the power of crap-ups and why streaking may be the greatest thing in the world!

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What is the D School at Stanford?
  2. What is the Achievement Habit?
    1. Getting the best out of what you have
    2. People feel better and accomplish things
      1. One group saved 75,000 kids
    3. Help people own their projects, so they’re only pass/fail, do, or not do…
    4. Changing Yoda – There is no Try only Do
      1. Do = Power vs. Try = Force
      2. If really want to get something done, you’re not trying you’re doing
      3. If you want to try you’re efforting, but if you do, it’s often less effort than the trying.
      4. Example he uses: try and pull a water-bottle from my handle
    5. How to go from Trying to Doing and why Reasons are Bullshit
      1. Excuses get in the way of doing
      2. Needing a reason to be reasonable
      3. Keep calling yourself on your excuses!
    6. The GOOOOOOOD exercise
      1. An exercise to point out the BS
    7. Paying attention to the opposites
      1. Why the opposite of what is said may be the truth
    8. How do we get unstuck or go to a higher level
      1. Discusses meeting with Microsoft
      2. If you solve the wrong problem it’s not going to help you.
      3. To get unstuck figure out what the real problem is.
      4. Students went to Myanmar to help farmers pump water, but turns out it was the “wrong” problem, the “right” problem was a need for light and how much of the farmer’s income was coming from burning extremely unhealthy and expenisve kerosene lanterns and candles
    9. How to change your self-image to a doer and an achiever
      1. First, you give everything in life it’s meaning
      2. Achiever in Google Who felt inadequate – have to get past it
        1. Do this by doing something one step at a time
        2. Get yourself a goal and do it, don’t try to do it, do-it.
  • Avoid the idea of pipe-dreams.
    1. But if really want to do something, need the intention to do it, and the attention to get it done (Intention Followed by Attention)
  1. Friend (Harold) who loved Russian Cossack Uniforms
    1. Became an example of doing, rather than trying
  2. Have to commit or it may not happen
  1. Difference between trying and affirmations
    1. Affirmations are funny
      1. Two kinds of Affirmations
        1. Bernie is the handsomest man – the affirmations you don’t quite believe, but people believe the negative stuff about them
      2. Need to get the world to give you the signal
        1. Get this by doing and succeeding
      3. The Gift of Failure & The Bias Toward Action
        1. Don’t sit around thinking about making a move, when you get an idea, make a move!
        2. For example, if you want to ask someone for a date, don’t sit around wondering for 3 months, but ask her for a date.
          1. May work, or may not, but will get to the end and find some success much sooner than sitting around wondering about it.
        3. Michael: The Million Dollar Demo
        4. Has a class called Launch Pad – You do what the design thinking methodology helps you do. Have to make income w/in 10 weeks.
        5. Students from India came in with an ipad ap idea.
        6. Turned into an incredibly successful idea – a 90 million dollar idea!!!
        7. Human nature don’t want to do it until perfect
        8. It’s okay to make a mistake, it’s a fantastic way to learn.
        9. How we used Design Thinking to Build Inspire Nation – Woo Hoo!
      4. The Importance of Language in everyday speech
        1. Example I can’t vs. I won’t –
        2. I can’t is powerless
        3. I won’t is God Like, it’s a choice
        4. Saying things in a way that’s empowering vs. a way that’s disempowering.
          1. Test can’t do something vs. won’t do something and see how it makes you feel
        5. The danger of the conjunction but
          1. It’s a negative, or a damper, or in improve, it’s “blocking”
          2. Energy shift difference between But and And
  • Big fight with his publisher, publisher kept putting but in book, he kept replacing them with And.
  1. Helping vs. Assisting
    1. Saying you’ll help makes them feel powerless
    2. Assisting feels like you’re lending a helpful hand
  2. Group Habits
    1. Why is Streaking or Running Naked Beneficial?
    2. Why energy shifts and “interruptions” are terrific and great shifts in energy, they change the atmosphere. The wilder and more bizarre the interruption the happier he is.
    3. Welcome and support the streaks in your life
  3. How do we build resiliency into our lives
    1. The winning is not the whole thing, it’s taking part that’s important
    2. Train kids to be important with the effort, then doesn’t matter if the goal is successful this time
  4. How do you train people to move past the tribe?
    1. Gets to appreciating the voyage over the destination
  5. The benefit of hanging in there and getting things done, rather than winning awards
    1. What means something is the daily flow of your life
  6. How do you help motivate others
    1. One little step at a time, one victory at a time
    2. 3 steps forward, 1 step backwards is quite alright.
    3. A matter of reinforcing people’s abilities to do stuff, and helping them feel more powerful
  7. How do you train yourself to ignore distractions?
  8. What is a crap up?
    1. Prototyping is very important in our lives – means trying something
      1. Could be a skit, a play, a conversation, a letter
      2. Most people make mock-ups
  • He has preliminary mock-ups, called crap-ups…just do SOMETHING to see what works and what doesn’t work
    1. Do something SO simple, but do something simple.

(If you like Stephen Covey and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, You’ll Love This Interview!)

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