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Ever wish you could upgrade your relationships…not meaning drop the one you’re with, but bring more love, kindness, compassion, and even a bit of spirituality to the table, or to the bedroom for that matter.

Well, if this sounds exciting, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Best-Selling Author Lodro Rinzler, Author of The Buddha Walks Into a Bar, and co-author of How to Love Yourself…and Sometimes Other People.

Today we’ll talk about loving yourself, loving another, and spiritual advice for modern relationships, that plus slaying sharks, and what in the world bow ties and sex have to do with one another!

Interview Topics and Questions Include:

  1. What is an Open-Hearted Warrior
    1. What is a Bodhisattva
  2. What is wrong with “You Complete Me” from Jerry McGuire?
    1. We are inanately whole, just need to go down a process of discovering that
  3. How do we start loving ourselves?
    1. Gom – the process of becoming familiar
    2. Meditation – the process of becoming familiar with all that we are
      1. Helps us become familiar with our own minds, befriend ourselves, and then offer ourselves a bit of love and kindness
      2. Meditation is like taking yourself for a date.
    3. “The essence of who we are is truly loveable – what does this mean?
    4. Buddha woke up through meditation that we are innately whole as is – kind, worthy of love, brilliant, we have everything we need within us
      1. Starts with us, then we can offer our love to others
    5. How shamatha meditation helps
      1. Step by Step how to do this
    6. Why meditation is a practice
    7. Declaring we won’t date – and then the hottest people come into ourselves
      1. Coming into a place w/out neediness people show up
    8. Dating train wrecks
    9. How do we get more comfortable with ourselves?
      1. Can relax into the present moment – can just be with ourselves
      2. How we can learn to relax and be comfortable with ourselves
    10. How to let go of expectations
    11. Learn how to just be with the other person – without expectations, just enjoying the present moment with them
    12. How do we fall in love without losing ourselves?
      1. Must build a strong foundation of love so we have something to ofter
    13. What does it mean for me to be happy?
      1. Loving Kindness Practice
    14. The importance of friendship and loving your friends
    15. “Where has my love not yet reached?”
    16. Loving because we want to love
      1. Teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in his book Ruling Your World
    17. What does it mean today to get bigger with my love?
      1. Growing the ability to love, like going to the gym and building muscles
    18. What’s the difference between love, kindness, and compassion?
    19. How children crack open our love
    20. Willingness to go beyond our comfort level
    21. What do bow ties and sex have in common?
    22. Moving past how sex is portrayed in the media
    23. What the author’s friend means by “I’m okay with sluttiness, as long as it’s ethical”
      1. Work to help people or at least not hurt them
    24. What is a safe container for sex?
      1. Must be open and communicate
      2. At the base of it all, examine our intention
    25. What does it mean to love with a broken heart?
      1. His next book is around heart-break
      2. Losing someone is a very human emotion
    26. Why it’s ego-breaking instead of heart-breaking
    27. Meditation practice is a training in love

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