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Hi Everyone, Jessica Lee here, your co-host on Inspire Nation!

If you’ve ever needed more courage or determination to get through the tough stuff, start a new venture, or simply to let your inner spirit shine, then do we have the show for you.

Today I’ll be interviewing my co-host, loving husband and courageous Inspire Nation Leader for ou our show.

If you caught last weeks show you heard us talk a bit about us starting Inspire Nation. Well today we’re going to dive more into the nitty-gritty side of things. How you keep going when the going’s tough. How to know when to say when, and how in the world you can summon the courage to climb your own Everest, literally or figuratively.

That, plus the importance of signs, and synchronicities, and knowing when to get out of your own way!

Show Notes and Questions:

  1. Michael have you always been courageous?
  2. What’s the importance of going after things and sticking with them?
  3. Learning to trust your own inner voice or inner belief rather than what others teach you.
  4. Learning that other people’s opinions are not the opinions that mattered
  5. How to move past your internal wiring or a lack of self-confidence
  6. Childhood Theme: Unwilling to Believe that I couldn’t.
  7. What is the definition of Courage?
  8. Why Yoda does NOT have all the answers.
  9. Why trying is much harder than doing.
  10. Why it’s so important to let others know what you’re going to do.
  11. Having the faith to step into the ambiguity
  12. Anita Moorjani – Dying to Be Me – Allowance Over Law of Attraction
  13. The Secret and taking steps into the unknown
  14. Why it’s so important to opening up to possibilities
  15. Why you should never say “let’s blow things out.”
  16. Derek Rydall – be open to possibilities that are greater than you could ever have imagined.
  17. Why pushing ahead at all costs (being the locomotive) is NOT being courageous, but may just be insanity.
  18. Why other people’s opinions are none of your business
  19. Why telling your parents may not be the best idea!
  20. Why the answers come from sudden insights, rather than intellect.
  21. How to follow your heart, but listen to your mind!!! Particularly when it comes to crossing the road.
  1. Would you say courage is something you’re born with, like a talent, or can we develop it?
    1. It’s like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets!
      1. It’s the small steps toward confidence, trying things out, doing, and achieving in little ways that help you develop courage.
      2. So in many ways it’s the small steps that are most important!
    2. What do you mean by have both feet in or being fully committed?
      1. Courage only comes when we’re firmly committed to outcome
      2. Example? one foot in – Barefoot Walking Book Tour – never had full belief in it if I was honest with myself. Wanted it to work. Head was in on the game, but gut was doing flip-flops. So never fully set myself up for success.
      3. How is Inspire Nation Different?
        1. Full in 100%
      4. Where does passion come into play with this?
        1. Can you give an example where you need passion to keep you going?
      5. Why is passion so important?
        1. Example of passion helping you through?
        2. What’s the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic goals.
          1. Wanting a car, accolades, or even money in the bank isn’t true passion, that’s an extrinsic goal, or something outside of yourself. When you’re exhausted in the middle of the night, it’s never about the toys.
          2. But how it makes you feel, or how it’d make you feel to take care of your family, or make your heart sing…the emotions it brings out, that’s more of an intrinsic reason and that can get you through your darkest hours.
        3. Where does passion come from?
          1. Heart in alignment with highest power
            1. Alignment – alignment with your highest potential, using your talents and gifts, alignment with God, with positivity, with positive emotions, with your higher self, with what you hear in your quietest moments.
          2. Being in the flow and using your gifts

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For More HOW TO’S on Courage, be sure to check out Part Two!!!

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