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Hi Everyone, Welcome back, I’m your co-host Jessica Lee. Today we’re talking about courage, what it is, how to get it, and when to use it. In part one my co-host and loving husband Michael Sandler and I talked about what is Courage. Now we’ll talk about how get some, and how to go for it!!!

Get ready to get courageous!

Well welcome to the show Michael, are you ready to shine???

Questions / Topics Include:

  1. Would you say courage is something you’re born with, like a talent, or can we develop it?
    1. It’s like a muscle the more you use it, the stronger it gets!
      1. It’s the small steps toward confidence, trying things out, doing, and achieving in little ways that help you develop courage.
      2. So in many ways it’s the small steps that are most important!
    2. What do you mean by have both feet in or being fully committed?
      1. Courage only comes when we’re firmly committed to outcome
      2. Example? one foot in – Barefoot Walking Book Tour – never had full belief in it if I was honest with myself. Wanted it to work. Head was in on the game, but gut was doing flip-flops. So never fully set myself up for success.
      3. How is Inspire Nation Different?
        1. Full in 100%
      4. Where does passion come into play with this?
        1. Can you give an example where you need passion to keep you going?
      5. Why is passion so important?
        1. Example of passion helping you through?
        2. What’s the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic goals.
          1. Wanting a car, accolades, or even money in the bank isn’t true passion, that’s an extrinsic goal, or something outside of yourself. When you’re exhausted in the middle of the night, it’s never about the toys.
          2. But how it makes you feel, or how it’d make you feel to take care of your family, or make your heart sing…the emotions it brings out, that’s more of an intrinsic reason and that can get you through your darkest hours.
        3. Where does passion come from?
          1. Heart in alignment with highest power
            1. Alignment – alignment with your highest potential, using your talents and gifts, alignment with God, with positivity, with positive emotions, with your higher self, with what you hear in your quietest moments.
          2. Being in the flow and using your gifts
        4. How important is believing in the project or what you’re doing?
          1. It’s almost a non-question, if you don’t believe in it, then no matter how much money it may bring you (like Mike Stemple and his Wet T-Shirt in a bottle) there’s NO point in starting.
        5. Do you need skills to follow your passion?
          1. Skills can be learned, if willing to put in the time…again comes back to passion.
          2. Do you focus on your weaknesses or your strengths?
        6. Did you always have great speaking abilities or abilities on the mic?
        7. How does focus help you be courageous?
        8. How important to you is faith?
        9. Would you consider courage a spiritual act?
          1. Can you use the example of Inspire Nation?
          2. What’s the current challenge with Inspire Nation?
        10. How do you move past the fear?
          1. Keep doing the real “work”
          2. What’s the real work?
            1. Meditation and mindfulness
            2. Prayer
  • Gratitude
  1. Affirmations
  1. How do you know when to say when?
    1. When you’re pushing through not out of courage, but out of fear…courage and fear are very distinct…one’s head, one’s heart. Heart knows if what you’re doing is right nor not, but the head, that’ll keep us pushing through, even into a brick wall.
  2. What do you mean by do something that’s greater than yourself
  3. What does it mean to let go, and why is it so important for courage?
  4. How does love play a role in courage
    1. Relationships
    2. Family
    3. Self-Love
  5. What do you do when you’re stuck, panicked or running short of courage?
  6. Where does humor come into the equation?
  7. You talk about diet affecting courage, what do you mean by this?
  8. How important are affirmations or mantras?
    1. Can you give an example?
  9. In the intro you mentioned signs and synchronicities, how does that fit into the equation (or how do signs and synchronicities give you courage???)
  10. Any last Thoughts?
  11. Don’t listen to others,
  12. Be true to yourself, no matter what, that’s where the real courage comes from.
  13. Don’t take things too seriously,

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