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Have you ever wanted to build, carve and sculpt, your greatest life? To recognize your inner potential, then pull out that hammer and get busy creating the artwork you know is inside. And have you ever wanted to sculpt something that would help others realize there greatest potential as well.

Well if so, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Jon Gordon, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, a craftsman and a builder of dreams.

Today we’ll discuss The Carpenter an inspiration story that has me on fire!

For it’s a story about achieving our greatest success, and that success comes from helping others achieve theirs!

So today we’ll talk about become craftsman of our lives, about learning the true meaning behind the words love, serve, and care, and how we can work toward mastery that includes helping others.

That plus what it means to be be a servant leader and how we can each be a CCO or a Chief Caring Officer of our own company!

Topics and Questions Include:

Jon Gordon

  1. How do you lead a life by design, while still letting go for a higher power to guide you?
  2. Why sometimes you have to lose a goal to find your destiny.
  3. What guides you toward your passion?
  4. How do you step back to be open for miracles?
  5. What’s the importance of walks of gratitude and prayer?
  6. How to find calm and peace amidst the chaos.
  7. Why pioneers seem crazy.
  8. How to live from the soul and live from a place of power.
  9. Why you should never live from outside in, but live inside out.
  10. What is “The Way”
  11. What does it mean to love, serve, and care.
  12. Why building a business by focusing on loving, serving, and caring one person at a time builds a more successful business—and can help change the world!
  13. Why success is about collaboration.
  14. “If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?”
  15. Why touching others is truly living a legacy?
  16. Can fear be pushed out by being focused on others?
  17. Why you can love fear for helping you get back on track.
  18. Circumstances do not determine how you feel, your feelings come from your thoughts.
  19. Why failure is not meant to define you, but to refine you – and how failure can be a gift.
  20. Why love, serve, and care is really the key to grit.
  21. Why you aren’t a true success unless you’re helping others be successful.
  22. What is the power of generosity?
  23. Why life is not about what you get but about what you give.
  24. Why you can never out give God or the Universe?
  25. Law of Abundance in Giving to Others – The Secret is becoming a conduit to give away.
  26. How to help kids discover their unique gifts and talents for what they were meant to be, not what we want them to be.
  27. Don’t chase success, decide to make a difference and success will chase after you.
  28. Focus on your why.
  29. Discover your ultimate core and live from there, which is living from true power.

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Timeless Principles to Help You Standout, Excel & Make an Impact on People & In the World. And Why Helping Others Drives Your Success! Jon Gordon | Inspiration | Motivation | Spirituality | Business | Career | Law of Attraction | The Secret | Self-Help

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Michael Sandler December 18, 2019

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