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Did you ever feel there’s a leader inside of you, someone destined for greatness, or at least much more than the mundane or mediocrity, just dying to come out!

Well if this sounds even remotely like you, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be speaking with a mentor of mine, although he doesn’t know it yet. His name is Robin Sharma, he’s a best-selling author, and one of premier thinkers when it comes to leadership in business and in life. His book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, was the catalyst for many of the great life-changes I made over a decade ago, that helped me become a best-selling author, a championship athlete, a leading coach and instilled many of the habits that have helped make me the success I am today.

And to me, his inspiring new book, The Leader Who Has No Title, takes things even further!

Today we’ll talk about flipping the leadership switch and turning on the inner-potential inside each and every one of us to bring out the brilliance we all have to offer, no matter our past, our situation, our job, finances, lot in life or anything else. We’ll talk about bringing out the world-class leader, visionary, and human being that’s inside of each and every one of us.

That plus THE BIW< SEW, FMOB, IMAGE and why being uncomfortable or dangling over a cliff, just may be the greatest thing in the world.


Robin Sharma Notes and Questions:

  1. How did you bring so many great ideas from the masters together in one book?
  2. Why reading books from great minds and successful individuals is so important.
  3. Why ideas without execution is nothing but delusion
  4. How to get your habits right.
  5. What does it mean to be a “leader”
    1. Why the old model of leadership is broken
    2. Why the democratization of leadership is so important
      1. Why being a leader is not about a title, it’s a way of being
      2. How to shift from victim-hood to becoming a leader in your life
    3. How to reach a million people over a lifetime
    4. Mother Theresa – why the world would be a better place if we swept our own doorstep
    5. How do you define success?
      1. The secret according to Warren Buffet.
      2. Why success is being in instrument of service.
    6. How to have a leader’s mindset
      1. How to see the world as a leader rather than a victim.
      2. Why every day is an opportunity to make a choice for a new way of living
      3. Why we don’t see the world how it is
      4. Why the person who learns the most wins
    7. What’s the 20/20/20 formula?
    8. Why 5 AM is so important for you?
    9. What’s the 2 massage protocol and why it more than pays for itself?
    10. Why game-changers don’t think of the cost, but the value they receive.
    11. Why getting past distractions is the most important thing in the world
    12. How to become world-class at anything
    13. The importance of doing something for 66 days straight.
    14. What’s the 90/90/1 rule
    15. Why the problem is often having too many possibilities
    16. The secret to genius is not complexity, but simplicity
    17. How to strip away the noise and distraction
    18. Have the bravery, discipline, and acumen by building my career on top priorities
    19. Why you should dance on the edge of a cliff
    20. How to move into the fall line, and ski past fear
    21. Why you need to do what terrifies you
    22. Why GRIT is the single most important factor in success
    23. What KMF has to do with grit!
    24. Why failure is the price of mastery
      1. Why you need to fail a lot.
    25. What’s the lie of safety?
    26. What Seneca means by “Life is Long if We Knew How to Use it”
    27. How to move past the negativity and stuckidness and get your game back.
    28. Why choice and remembering are so important.
    29. How to move past your excuses and become a leader.
    30. Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world ~Margaret Mead

For More Info:

Learn How to Build & Live a Legendary Life, No Matter Your Circumstances, Through Key Easy-To-Implement Strategies from Robin Sharma – One of the Top 5 Leaders in Personal & Business Development in the World

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