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Today we’ll be talking with relationship experts and past guests on our show Mali Apple and Joe Dunn the run-away best-selling authors of The Soulmate Experience , and The Soulmate Lover.

Today we’re going to talk about the sexy side of things, we’ll talk about feeling better about our bodies, allowing ourselves to open up, cultivating greater love in the bedroom, and how to spice things up for the big “O”.

We’ll also look at the real power of strawberries, why it’s sometimes good to be bad, whether size really matters, and the true importance of walking around naked.//

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. Why you’re probably not having as much sex as the Jones’s, but why they’re probably not having much sex either.
  2. Why great sex and love is cultivated from within.
  3. How do we cultivate sexiness as a state of mind.
  4. Why sensual and sexy are really the same thing.
  5. Why sensuality begins with the senses.
  6. The importance of embracing where you are, now.
  7. The secret of the “Magic Door” and what it has to do with power suits
  8. What is a sensual date, and what to really do in the theatre.
  9. Why the grocery store makes for a great date.
  10. The importance of getting into your centered place
  11. Who do we begin sexual healing – which can help our relationships and life.
  12. Since aging is inevitable, why attitude is everything
  13. The true meaning of “oral sex”
  14. Why talking about sex leads to more sex.
  15. The importance of working out for energy levels.
  16. The importance of naked time.
  17. Ask your partner, what do you like in my body, and can you help me to see that.
  18. How to we create and generate our own sexual energy?
  19. Why masturbation may be good for us.
  20. What’s the real purpose of masturbation?
  21. How getting into your own sensuality changes the energy you put out into the world.
  22. How to gain more confidence by getting back in your body.
  23. How to speed date and enjoy yourself!
  24. What are sexpectations and how do we free ourselves from them?
  25. Is it okay to fantasize about someone other than your partner?
  26. How to experiment in the bedroom?
  27. How to integrate your partners desires into your relationship?
  28. How to share and create fantasizes with your partner.
  29. Is it okay for a partner’s eyes to wander?
  30. How do we cultivate or keep the spark alive?
  31. Why remembering the anniversary isn’t as important as living each day as an anniversary!
  32. Why gratitude is huge…plus a ton of “oral sex”.
  33. The real importance of the toothpaste cap.
  34. How do we open ourselves up to our orgasmic potential.
  35. The importance of a date night and why we should keep having dates even if you’re married or with kids.
  36. What is the “O” zone?
  37. How to move past troubles having orgasms.
  38. How to move past an inability to have an orgasm.
  39. How to allow in the bedroom, orgasm or no orgasm for the most incredible love-filled time.
  40. How women can be multiple orgasmic and why there can be 100’s of kinds of orgasms.
  41. What is truly soulful sex?
  42. Why a sex weekend can bring you the greatest happiness.

Discover the secrets to love sex & intimacy from relationship experts Mali Apple & Joe Dunn. Learn how to feel sexy, heal wounds, spice up your relationship or find your partner & have fun in & out of the bedroom! Inspiration | Spirituality | Self-Help

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