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Every once in a while a book comes along that makes me step back, or even snaps my head back, gently, but just a little bit. Usually it occurs with some goose-bumps or an Uggah-Buggah feeling that lets me know I’m on track, or that what I’m reading has some real truth behind it.

We’ll today we’re all in for a very special treat. I’ve just finished a new favorite spiritual book. It’s like Eckhart Tolle Meets Tony Robbins…which is a very strange thing to say. But I just read one of the most beautiful spiritual books I’ve ever read, and what like most about it isn’t just the messages, which are beautiful beyond belief, but the how-to aspect, which is often lacking in great spiritual books, plus the mantras included to help me let go, reprogram, and dust-off the connection to what’s always, already there. Mantras. I love the mantras!

And so today I have the real honor of having Matt Kahn on our show. He’s a spiritual visionary, and the amazing author of Whatever Arises, Love That.

Today we’ll talk about embracing our hearts, loving whatever arises, and moving beyond victim-hood to empowerment and even ending spiritual codependency. Plus we’ll look at what flocks of geese and jackhammers have to do with love, what brick walls have to do with enlightment, and why fish tacos may have a taste that’s beyond belief.

Questions and Topics Include:

  1. What was Matt’s early spiritual experiences he revealed to his good Jewish mom.
  2. What was Matt’s out of body dream experience at age 10
  3. What did Matt’s dad share with him about his dream?
  4. How do we move past spiritual co-dependency?
  5. How we can handle our energy sensitivity?
  6. Why what you are feeling is what’s being healed.
  7. Learning how to love what arises in our bodies.
  8. What destiny and free will really mean.
  9. How the choices we make affect the quality of our journey
  10. The importance of bringing a heart-centered approach into our life’s journey
  11. What happens when we give our hearts permission to open – our own personal love revolution
  12. How to become the source of our own love and approval.
  13. How do we begin to love ourselves and love all we are?
  14. How to make a personal love statement.
    1. What are the words that I never heard, or never heard enough of?
    2. How to rewire your mind and shift your mind for self-love
    3. Why your compassion and understanding for other grows when you begin to love yourself
  15. What to do when someone judges us?
  16. What if instead of trying not to judge, we use judgement to remind us to love our own heart!
  17. What it means “whatever arises love that”
  18. What sending love to geese and jackhammers has to do with loving what arises.
  19. What it means that “judgment is only next in line to being loved”
  20. How to realize that to live life in the biggest way, your choices determine the quality of your experiences.
  21. How do we handle over-active nervous systems?

Discover The Life-Transforming Practice of Loving What Is & Give Your Heart Permission to Fully Open Up. You’ll Feel Liberated, at Greater Peace & Open to Life in an Entirely New Way of Being! Matt Kahn | Inspiration | Spirituality | Health | Self-Help

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    [INSPIRE 88 PT 1] – HOW TO OPEN YOUR HEART TO WHATEVER ARISES & SET YOURSELF FREE!!! Inspiration | Spirituality | Self-Help
    Michael Sandler

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