Is this Armageddon? Find out from the Archangels, Plus a Guided Meditation From the Angels!!! Belinda J. Womack

Michael Sandler September 9, 2020 72

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If you’ve ever wondered whether this is the end or what in the world is going on with the world, then do we have the archangels and Armageddon show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking with Belinda J. Womack, a spiritual counselor, and creator of the 12 ArchAngels University, and the author of an absolute favorite book on Angelic wisdom, “Lessons from the Twelve Archangels”

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about, about what in the world is going on today and the power of angels for miracles, guidance, and divine intervention now more than ever. Plus we’ll talk about black smoke and sleeping portions, drinking divine love, a letter from Gabriel, what on earth is the angel airwave, and what in the world trumpets over alarm clocks has to do with anything.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Have the angels told you whether what we’re going through globally right now is Armageddon? (03:31)
  • Slowing down, calling our energy back to us, thinking of humanity as one body, and embracing the purge that is happening (06:19)
  • What does “Twelve Archangels from the Central Sun” mean and who are the twelve archangels? (12:29)
  • Experiencing fear so we can make the choice for love and the power we have to create our own reality (15:18)
  • How the colors of love help us connect to the child within us while music connects us to the divine feminine that we need more of (20:20)
  • Writing as a form of communication with the angels: Translating what the angels sing into words (22:07)
  • Surrendering and letting go of the fear so we can tune into a higher frequency (23:50)
  • Listening to the little divine boy at age 5 (26:17)
  • The purpose of angel wings in filling the energy field with love (29:47)
  • Going more towards a place of self-love and forgiveness so we can hear the angels (33:37)
  • Is what’s going on globally a collective cleansing helping us to unshackle from the past to rise up? (38:25)
  • Letting go of the religious paradigms within us that tell us that we’re unworthy to receive and that we’re supposed to suffer (42:05)
  • How to scrub away the blame card that says, “I am not worthy” (48:21)
  • The angelic frequency in every animal and every being in nature (50:38)
  • How much power do we have individually? (56:06)
  • How do we call on angels in times of crisis or ask for a miracle? (59:18)
  • Looking at life as a movie we’re watching and focusing more on how we can play a role in the positive edit of the movie (1:01:37) 

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    Is this Armageddon? Find out from the Archangels, Plus a Guided Meditation From the Angels!!! Belinda J. Womack
    Michael Sandler

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