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Modern Love: Self, Lover & Soul

Elise Carr M.A., March 23, 2020 8

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Do you feel loved? Deeply held, seen, heard, cherished, filled and fulfilled by love; with yourself? In a relationship with a beloved? By friendships, family, a mentor, teacher or guide? How about with Your own soul? Spirit / God / Source / Divinity?

Most people I work with are longing. They are hungry and wanting to fill a void. They feel, sense and know something integral to be missing.

Today I want to help you cultivate, experience, explore and deepen your;

Love with Self. Love with a current or future lover or beloved and, Love with All That is – from Soul to Spirit.


Together, We Also Explore

  • Looking for Love in all the wrong places; physically, emotionally & mentally
  • The Love Language we are lacking
  • Greek Love Wisdom – Eros, Philia, Agape & Storge
  • Modern Love for the Self;
  • -Boundaries & Discernment)
  • -Honouring “Yes” & “No”
  • -Rituals & Sacred Alone time
  • -Self Worth
  • Modern Love for Lovers;
  • -What is the real reason for relationships?
  • -The dance of giving, receiving and sharing
  • -BE-ing & DO-ing
  • -Quality Time, Intimacy & Space
  • -To FEEL Love
  • -Communication, honesty and seeking professional guidance / help
  • -Overcoming the fear of losing the Self in relationship
  • -Becoming MORE as a couple
  • Modern Love for the Soul;
  • -Connection of YOU to the larger Cosmos
  • -Higher kingdoms of nature
  • -Consciousness
  • -Transcendence – beyond body, emotions and mind
  • -The Process of Awakening & Becoming


Stella Excerpt

“You should become MORE through your relationship. Where you end up in a higher place. Contribute, amplify & complement each other.”


Takeaway Gem

“Be OK with yourself and who you are (while wanting to improve things): Love and accept that part of you that is Divine; your soul. This is the seed of self-worth.”


In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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    Modern Love: Self, Lover & Soul
    Elise Carr M.A.,

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Elise Carr M.A.,

Like Psychology for the Soul in a Modern World ~ Merging Sacred Sexuality, Spirituality & Soul with Truth, Love, Wisdom & Beauty. From the body, heart, mind and beyond in Tantra, to the Esoteric mysteries of life, love, relationships and everything in between. Join me, Elise Carr M.A., the woman behind StellaMuse, as I guide you deeper to Awaken from Within and Know Thyself as Soul. Are ready to journey with me...

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