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Performance Anxiety – 07.30.09

SAT YOGA December 16, 2019 5

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Spiritual knowledge regarding ego attachment through performance anxiety as answered by Shunyamurti, the director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, on the evening of Thursday, July 30, 2009.

Student Question:

There are some times during the day when you have to perform, like when the singer stands up in front of the crowd. And sometimes you’re aware that your ego is making you feel like, “You can’t do this. You’re nervous. You’re gonna start shaking or something.”

And sometimes I excel, and I surpass and perform. But other times it’s not that successful, and it makes me feel bad. But I know that if I prepare myself with meditation, or other practices, it’s more probable that I will excel. So how could you be more prepared?

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    Performance Anxiety – 07.30.09

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