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Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 84

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How do you see money? Do you see it as dirty? Do you see it as your friend? In this episode, Nikki Hartley teaches us how to develop a positive relationship with money. Nikki is a Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Psychotherapist, and much, much more! She teaches at the University of Colorado. Follow her at and @mindbodymana.


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Show Notes

*Show notes recorded by Sonix.AI. I know it’s not the best transcription, but being a mom too, I don’t have time to go in and edit it! If anyone wants to volunteer for this job, let me know! : )

[00:00:00] Hello friends. It’s Julie and I am so excited because I have a dream coming true right now, and I am so excited to share it with you. So for the last couple of years I’ve been daydreaming in my meditation.


[00:00:14] I’ve been going into it and seeing the words Angel school. It’s something that spirit has really brought to me and it’s really coming to fruition. So I want you to know about it. Through this angel school that I’m going to be starting in April. It’s just one weekend one weekend only April 13th and 14th.


[00:00:38] Well through this angel school what you’re going to learn to do is Reiki and how to bring through your spiritual gifts. So you will get certified in two separate things. If you come to my course you will get Reiki certification, you will be a Reiki master teacher and you will also get certified in my angel school in bringing through Angel messages learning how to communicate with your angels how to really develop your spiritual gifts you’re going to learn how I do energy healing what my processes how I work with my clients how I hear from the other side and bring through those messages. Now if you’re thinking, “Well that’s awesome Julie, I’d really like to learn that but I don’t think I want to be a Reiki teacher.” That’s OK. You don’t have to go into this full time. You don’t have to make this your profession. There are so many people out there who just want to learn how to connect with the other side or themselves. And if that’s you that’s awesome. That’s beautiful. And really this class will help you shape your life in every different aspect of your life. So really groundbreaking really fine amazing work that we’re doing here and I’m just so excited to share it with you.


[00:02:00] So in this class here’s what you’re gonna get. You’re gonna become a Reiki master teacher. You’re going to learn how to communicate with Angels how I bring through messages you’re going to learn how to develop your spiritual gift because as you go through this course over these two days your gifts are gonna come out and we’re gonna show you how to work with them. You’re also going to learn energy healing through supervised practice on other people. So working on people really helps you to understand what you’re hearing and when somebody talks back to you and says you know yes. Oh my gosh you’re bringing through exactly what I needed to hear. It just is so validating and it helps you really develop your gifts and you’re also going to learn all the insights into how I do what I do and that is Angel School. So if you’d like more details go online to my Web site.


[00:03:02] You can also email me for details at [email protected] I’ll send those to you. But again it is coming up soon.


[00:03:08] It’s Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th, again that’s Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th. So I am so excited I hope you guys are pumped too and I hope you guys go online or e-mail me to learn more


[00:03:34] Hello friends. I am so so excited about our guests today. Nikki Hartley and I have to say, even before we get started, Nikki is a complete saint.


[00:03:45] We have tried this podcast three different times and she has just worked with me on it, because it didn’t work, the audio it didn’t record it, and we just couldn’t get a good recording. So she’s back. She’s still working with us. We’ve got great information for you today and you’re just going to absolutely love her like I do. So as I just said I’ve gotten the opportunity to talk with Nikki four hours before I interviewed her. Nikki is an expert in many holistic fields. She’s a registered hypnotherapist a psychotherapist a meditation teacher yoga teacher mindset coach. She’s based in Boulder Colorado and she’s even taught at the University of Colorado. She’s also a mom to two young kiddos. Yeah. Nikki and I both share a passion for understanding how the brain works and how it can heal itself through various methods. So we’re going to cover it all today. Nikki thank you so much for being here.


[00:04:50] Thank you Julie for inviting me. I’m so excited to be here.


[00:04:53] Yay. In the introduction what did I miss. Is there anything else that you want to share with people.


[00:04:59] No actually it sounds like you covered it all.


[00:05:02] Oh good. And you know some people like it at the beginning some people like to hear it at the end. But for people who are online right now and they want to check you out where can they find you.


[00:05:11] Oh my Web site is


[00:05:21] Perfect. So today we’re really going to talk about let’s start with the brain.


[00:05:27] The brain works how it’s tied to our spiritual selves. Let’s talk about neuroplasticity for those who don’t know what neuroplasticity is. Can you explain it from ground zero.


[00:05:42] So neuroplasticity is when the brain requires itself.


[00:05:46] When we put in new thoughts or new beliefs or new habits the synopsis in the brain actually change and they started growing together in a different way letting go of the way our brain used to wire and think and behave.


[00:06:00] That’s awesome. So really by changing our thoughts we can really change our lives. Right.


[00:06:06] Oh absolutely. When you change your thoughts you do change your life. And there’s this there’s so many wonderful tools to get to those changes people to see to find what resonates with them.


[00:06:19] So how did they start with that.


[00:06:21] So when I do mindset coaching I try to give various tools. One of them might be meditation. Meditation is a great tool to help people get into a different brain state. Brain waves activate differently when you’re in meditation so that you can make those changes subconsciously if you want a faster track.


[00:06:41] You would use something like Kipnis therapy because you would change the brainwaves pretty quickly like immediately actually from theta to theta or Alpha and then you can use really easy things like journaling I know journaling super popular but it really does change the way that we have our external experiences because we’re putting we’re cementing or putting in concrete our thoughts.


[00:07:08] And then when we write it down it kind of makes it more concrete tangible like you have this more visceral reaction to what you experienced earlier.


[00:07:19] And then there are other ways that you can change brain by like changing habits like things that you do daily like if you wake up earlier and you do something differently in the morning like that can totally set the tone for how you’re going to live your life and like do things the rest of the day if you start an exercise routine yoga routine meditation routine again. Let’s see what else do I recommend.


[00:07:45] Because once you like once you’re in it for that many days you’re really concrete. How many days did you say it is.


[00:07:53] Oh I did it on but it usually takes 21 to 30 days to change your mindset or a habit or develop a habit because sometimes habits are good and you want to get a new habit. But yet 21 to 30 days typically and you have to do it diligently you can’t do it once they like. It’s been 21 days and I did that one thing.


[00:08:14] So let’s go through some common examples that I see with my clients of mindset because a lot of these mindsets come in in our younger years right. There’s different ones that we develop as kids you know sometimes if our parents don’t have a good relationship we create this mindset of well I’m like them so I’m not going to have a good relationship too. Or if mom and dad maybe struggled with money. We saw that as younger kids and we come in. We say well I’m going to struggle with money to struggling with money is a part of life and some things that I find my clients tell themselves with in their mind. So how would you show people in those two instances to get out of that mindset.


[00:09:04] And that’s a great question. So you basically need to go back to the brain state that you’re in and the time period that that anchored in infants are typically in a Delta brain state.


[00:09:20] And so they’re really connected to the subconscious and then kids between the ages of 2 to 7 are in an alpha brain state which is like they’re aware but like they’re really easily put into like a dreamlike state. So that’s why kids have such an easy time playing pretend like you could tell your kid like pretend you’re a tree and they’ll pretend they’re a tree and then like hours later they’re like I’m still a tree.


[00:09:46] It’s because they’re in that alpha type brain state where there’s a ton of creativity happening and then around 12 they slip into beta which is where there’s a huge range and beta brainwaves from know normal awake state to like really high functioning beta where you’re stressed out. Anyway as I say all that because in those alpha states between the ages of two to seven is when that pretend stage is happening and if they see negative external circumstances or they hear negative replies or they get negative feedback that kind of starts to anchor in their belief system and they play pretend I use air quotes that reality. So if they have a lot of hardship they have a lot of trauma they have a lot of difficulty they might be resilient because they’re not going to really fully understand reality because they’re in that create the Alpha Brain Wave like a different reality but it’s still going to set the tone for how they’re going to behave later. That’s why kids everyone’s like teenagers are so difficult while teenagers are mimicking and acting out now when they gain the autonomy to what they saw in their early life. And then when we become adults we still have the ability to do like change things and see things like shiny objects so we distract ourselves. So to change the beliefs about money you really have to create a new belief and a new habits and how money comes money can come from source or all that is or the universe whatever your higher believing belief system is from an infinite amount of ways like we try to control how we receive money right we go to work we get a paycheck and then if you run out of that paycheck you’re like I’m out of money or there’s not enough money or there’s always all these bills coming.


[00:11:42] While that may be true but then you’re closing yourself off from trusting that money can come from an infinite amount of ways more than we are aware or allow ourselves to believe.


[00:11:55] And so we really have to start opening our belief system to the idea that money doesn’t have to come from a job. Money can come from any place and then we have to change our relationship with money.


[00:12:10] You have to start believing that you’re worthy of money that your frequencies are going to attract money and if you’re living in these lower vibe frequencies like a fear mentality fear based lack struggle then you’re going to push money away like source is not going to bring in these things because it’s you’re putting out the energetic frequency if I’m scared of it or I’m not and I’m not worthy of it or I’m not good enough for money doesn’t like me.


[00:12:41] So you have to create a different energy. I mean money is just energy.


[00:12:44] It’s like we can spend money without actually holding it. You know we have debit cards and or we can have the tangible money like that we hold in our hands. However it’s all just numbers and digital and like it’s just an energy exchange right.


[00:13:00] It’s just an energy exchange. So you have to change the relationship with money and become friends with money and you hang out differently.


[00:13:07] And like you might spend something. That’s why people always say like you get more by giving. And it’s so true because when you have more to give or you have this energy of like I have this in abundance then you seem to always have enough and more than enough because you’re able to share.


[00:13:25] So really changing your belief system about money changing your ideas of how money works and then creating new habits of how you interact with money are going to 100 percent change the relationship. In the money that comes to you and there’s plenty of different ways to do that again you have to find what resonates with you.


[00:13:48] Some examples off the top of my head. Some people like to use old checkbooks and write themselves like a paper check. And then like they deposit it again air quotes deposit it mentally in there.


[00:14:03] Like thinking they deposit it not in real life. Yeah I know what you’re saying. I’m just making sure everybody else knew.


[00:14:09] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Or like some people even create a web of a spreadsheet like income spreadsheets online like in Google Docs or something and everyday you deposit fifty dollars and you’re like got fifty dollars and so you’re just open to getting the 50 dollars not controlling where it comes from. Some people leave money jars around the house and like if they get changed and the like drop it in one jar they have cash they’ll drop it in another jar if they have a check they’ll put it in another jar and then you just visually see this abundance of money all around you.


[00:14:42] I really like that one. I think I’m going to use that one.


[00:14:47] You really are like wow I have all this money I’m never in black I always have enough there’s money all around me all the time because you can put the jars in different rooms and another one would be to spend money like you already have it. That one is a little tricky because if you’re still on that real fear based mentality and you haven’t really shifted into the trust of the universe bringing you money from infinite amount of ways then if you go out and put a bunch of expensive stuff on your credit cards if you’re in that fear based mentality then you’re just gonna be in debt.


[00:15:24] So I suggest if it’s an old anchored belief and they’ve been dealing with money struggle for a long time. Start either with the checks that you write you know you hypothetically write yourself the spreadsheets or district collecting change and put it in the little jars the little money jars throughout your house.


[00:15:46] Yeah because we you know it’s interesting. What. And you know I love the analytical part of me I love you know the woohoo and this is probably too analytical for the Lulu.


[00:15:58] But you know one of the examples that I’ve seen is you know without even any names or who anybody is. But I have somebody who came to see me who said you know here’s the situation where about three months away from losing our house.


[00:16:16] So my husband says I know this money is coming I feel like it’s coming but I don’t want to sell the house I don’t want to sell the house but the message that had been coming through to her the entire year that she had been coming to see me was sell the house sell the house and I said Have you sat down to look at the finances. And she said no I don’t want to look at the finances. So I think you know I totally agree I totally believing and having that mentality. But at the same time we can’t totally turn like this blind eye. She even threw back at me she said you know well I went to see somebody else and they told me that I’m going to win the lottery. So I’m just thinking I’m winning the lottery. And I said you can’t. Now look at your finances you can’t not. Has she said My husband wanted to sit down with me my husband wanted to sit down and she won’t sit down and look at it. So what was spiritually shows me is we have to give 100 percent and then they give 100 percent right. If we’re not given that hundred percent and we’re not open to the truth of it all to me it just gets a little dicey.


[00:17:32] Oh true and it sounds like she was still being fearful around looking at money instead of being like all right friend let’s negotiate. Let’s see what you have to bring to the table and then how can we work together. It sounded like she’s like Oh no I’m just going to avoid this and hope it goes away or solves itself. And you’re right. So when we are really upfront and honest and like we look at a situation that might be uncomfortable or unpleasant regarding money because we do live in a society where we need money most of us do to like pay our mortgage or pay our car payments or the utilities food.


[00:18:10] When you actually look at like how that relationship’s going if you’re telling money like I don’t deserve you all I know is there’s not enough of you to go around and you make me upset and all you do is cause stress in my life.


[00:18:24] And that energy exchange is going to be really difficult. It wouldn’t be the same as if you treated another human that way. Right. So if you were constantly like this is my friend this is my roommate we live together. But every time they’re around they totally freak me out. I don’t really like them here. I don’t feel like I deserve a roommate because I’m totally messy and they probably don’t even like living with me like then you’re gonna have a really strange relationship.


[00:18:53] Everything in this world in this universe is an energy exchange every single thing. So change your relationship with money change how you interact with money change how you think about money change how you have a relationship with money the same you would do with a human or a pet or your garden. Have you seen those videos where people like talk to plants and like they’re really mean to the plants and they’re like you’re ugly you’re worthless and the plant dies. Yes same thing. It’s an energy exchange like there’s something really powerful with words obviously but that energy that’s there behind it.


[00:19:30] So you did this with water and rice too and the rice that was in the water that was spoken mainly and negatively too grew mold done it. Whereas the other one didn’t. It’s it’s amazing it’s so fascinating.


[00:19:45] So if you’re talking ugly or thinking ugly about money what do you think’s going to happen. It’s going to shrivel up and die and grow mold or it’s going to stay away from you.


[00:19:57] So don’t do that.


[00:19:59] Talk to money like your best friends. Like I love you so much. Let’s hang out. Let’s go have fun together.


[00:20:04] Yeah well I did. That is interesting because you know I’m still doing some work on this myself but I tend to see it as dirty.


[00:20:13] Yeah.


[00:20:13] And in the spiritual like the things that you and I do we feel and because of our backgrounds I think that there is a little bit of residual belief or guilt behind money and receiving money for helping others when our gifts are so natural we think like oh I should just help everybody freely from the kindness of my heart. And that would be great if we could pay our bills in kindness.


[00:20:42] Yeah. And you know and I do eat.


[00:20:44] That’s so true because that happens quite often actually people call and ask for a free reading and you know I would love to be able to help as many as people as I can and where I can I do provide discounts to people if they really do need that help and they reach out to me. But I have to be able to contribute to the monthly income. Otherwise we’re in a deficit every month.


[00:21:09] True. And when I went through my Reiki master training I was living in Hawaii and I had the most amazing reiki master as my teacher and she told me in Reiki is an energy exchange. It’s a Japanese form of energy healing. However if what you need whatever you need.


[00:21:29] We always try to take care of ourselves and whatever you need for the other person to receive the highest benefit from you is what you should receive. And Dr. Tsui the man who is responsible for creating reiki and bringing it over here. He even wrote recognize that in his own teachings he was trying to help all these people by giving them reiki and healing their energy and improving their lives.


[00:21:57] And he realized when there wasn’t a good energy exchange that they resorted back to who they were and they went back to living in a lower frequency or going back to committing crimes or living on the street because they didn’t value his offerings. And so the good energy exchange whatever people decide to put on it if it’s if you if you feel good about doing the job and they feel like they’ve invested in themselves that’s a better energy exchange so that both people benefit. Otherwise if you do something for free and you’re kind of like miffed about it like this isn’t serving me I don’t get anything out of this the attitude you’re going to bring to the situation is I don’t want to be here and then you cut yourself off from source.


[00:22:47] Right. Right. That’s true. Let’s talk about vibrations a little bit because you know one of the things that we talk about on this podcast and one of the things that Spirit shows me is where we’re touching on this but I want to go deeper into it.


[00:23:01] So when we talk about human being the humanist is the body the beingness is the soul the body has one set of vibrations or frequencies to it and we can optimize those frequencies to be of its best health. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. I want to talk about the soul and the different set of frequencies vibrations that the soul has to it because what came out about in our conversation and I think really what I’ve been searching for since my dad passed away and I got into this is I can tap into this higher frequency through my crown chakra and I’ve taught so many people how to do this too.


[00:23:45] I really feel like it’s a huge component of the work that I do.


[00:23:52] And aides called so many different things right. I mean they think that this is what Eckhart Tolle is talking about when he calls it a Power of Now. You know people are calling it so many different words and terms but you had mentioned alpha beta and theta states. And what I’m wondering as I’m bringing this knowledge to our listeners I want to talk more and more with people who are scientifically knowledgeable about this wondering if I should go to one of the scientists out there who are studying Alpha Beta Theta states.


[00:24:28] Is it a theta state. Is that with that frequency is.


[00:24:32] Absolutely.


[00:24:32] So when we I think I mentioned this a little earlier but the average person when they’re awake is running on Beta Beta is our conscious state and there’s a huge frequency range and Beta 2 where you can be like reading a book that’s a relaxed beta state and then the next level would be like learning where you’re engaged you’re a little bit more aware and alert but you’re taking processing information you’re taking it in.


[00:25:02] Then there’s high beta where it’s survival fight or flight cortisol pumpin like you are stressed out like there’s a bear chasing me.


[00:25:12] Now most people live somewhere between that learning and engaged beta state which is like the medium one to like even a high beta states where they are just like my job a stressful family stressful traffic is stressful paying my bills stressful stressful and they are just constantly getting all the brain to pump all these different hormones and all of these different neurotransmitters into the nervous system which is called the sympathetic nervous system where they are just going to be on high alert all the time.


[00:25:47] You’re not going to take an information you’re going to be very disconnected and it’s the lowest frequency or vibe that we can meet that is the that that is the frequency that most human beings are operating at right now within their body that is more the body’s frequency right.


[00:26:07] Correct. And you can test this like if you look at a EEG machine like there’s been all these tests where it’s just that frequency is being emitted.


[00:26:16] And so to change that to change the frequency to change how you to put your body out of the M.S. and into the passenger seat because you really want the mind to be in control then you have to go into meditation which is going to take you to an alpha state it’s where you’re relaxed you know you’re not you’re not as stressed you’re more like in a nice daydream state theta is where your brain goes into awareness but your body is asleep. You have now taken the body completely out of the driver’s seat and you’re in your subconscious mind. However yes you’re still aware and you’re really able to get into the reprogramming of the brain you’re able to let go of the old habits old beliefs negative thinking and theta theta can happen if you’re really well practiced in meditation or I hypnotherapy where you bypass the alpha state right into theta the body’s sleep the minds are aware and you can start reprogramming when you’re an alpha brainwaves. We talked on this earlier with kids where they’re able to play so you get out of that survival mode and beta and you get into that creative place. That’s what the alpha is going to do.


[00:27:36] You’re actually functioning in your daily life while you’re living. And it’s it’s like a meditative state but it’s so much more than that it’s a blissed out.


[00:27:47] Yeah. So you’re aware and you’re mindful that’s where all the Mindful talk comes in. It’s like how can I. What is Mindfulness. What is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is getting you out of beta into alpha in you’re just really present really super presence of everything happening in your life and you can say things like I’m angry but then you’re gonna go why am I angry. Oh because I’m sitting in traffic and this person in front of me is driving really slow and I have to be at work in five minutes you can have that analytical conversation like you would in beta but you’re just more present and then you’re able to stop yourself and go I’m going to get there. It’s not a big deal. It’s like you’re just more present and aware of what’s happening in your day to day life where beta you’re just like I need to get there I’m angry. This person needs to move out of my way like kids or you’re just like I’m angry and you say it I’m angry and you don’t really reflect on what’s causing it and how you can help yourself and figure out what you need. But yes. So high frequencies would be theta. Delta is when you’re just completely knocked out like it’s when we’re dreaming asleep so Delta is that past Alpha.


[00:28:56] Yeah. So they’re the alpha. I mean I’m just gonna put it in order and so be like Alpha Beta Delta and there’s gamma and then theta.


[00:29:07] But yeah so theta is the state where we’re aware but we’re connected to that subconscious level we’re connected to our higher self.


[00:29:15] We can’t even get into theta with prayer or feel like if people use mala beads and they’re doing their mantras. So that’s a great way to also get into theta because you’re getting into something bigger than you you’re.


[00:29:29] That’s what I tell people too. I tell people you know the first place that I ever really felt this was at church and I was praying at church when I was younger.


[00:29:38] I think I was getting into theta state.


[00:29:42] Thank you. Yeah. Yeah some people too I want to ask you about this. Some people say that when you’re in state a state they describe it as you feel like you’re living in a different dimension.


[00:29:54] Sure. I mean we can all have different responses feelings thoughts sensations emotions that come up when we’re in a state that shuts off our external senses. So if somebody is like oh I feel like I’m somewhere else. Well that’s definitely what you’re experiencing. Some people in meditation they’re like I saw colors. What does that mean I’m like It doesn’t mean anything. You just you saw go like but you’re accessing something bigger than you because you’re turning off the external senses. Like I said so it feels different. It’s not ignore where we’re really connecting to in our inner self. And however that is displayed. We’re like oh wow that’s new because it’s so foreign.


[00:30:39] Yeah yeah that’s awesome. So let’s talk about this so we have the ego like mind. Thirty thousand rapid fire thoughts a day. Not really even focusing on one thing and we we live from that ego we’re really tending to live from the past or the anxiety of the future. So how do you teach people how to remove that. How to really tap into their essence their intuition more and turn down the volume on those thirty thousand rapid fire thoughts today.


[00:31:13] Good question. So ego gets a really bad rap.


[00:31:18] I thought we should tell him first tell him first. Oh my gosh. It’s 11:00 11:00 a.m. right now.


[00:31:23] I don’t know if you see that ego.


[00:31:26] What is that thing that you have that saying about ego isn’t like the 13 year I know it is that 13 year old at the party.


[00:31:33] Yeah. So it goes like your 13 year olds like a 13 year old at the party but you don’t want to leave them in charge. You know they’re functional they have their purpose. They can do some good stuff.


[00:31:44] But you know they might burn the house to help I love that because ever since you told me that I think that is my ego my 13 year old self so true but ego wants to help us survive.


[00:31:56] Like it keeps us at this survival mode but it also is very self serving like what’s in it for me and it.


[00:32:05] But they’re such good and that like there can be moments if you don’t have ego then you’re gonna be taken advantage of or that you would put yourself in harmful situations or that you wouldn’t really think like well should I do this or not. Like so there’s definitely a place for ego however ego should like the body should not be in the driver’s seat ego should be a passenger to your mind or your higher self and ego has this great way of helping.


[00:32:41] Like I said to keep us safe and like help us do what’s best for us. You just don’t want to leave it in charge because then you can become very self-serving like I said and you can also only think about yourself and you don’t think about others. So to transform the relationship and you have that good energy exchange with ego. You want to again practice something that gets you out of the beat of brainwave state and put you into alpha where you’re more creative in your more present and you can go. This is. This is safe to do and and it will then align with your values. So that ego will keep you safe but you just kind of want to like dial it back and just be like All right. I see what you want me to do here however I need to do this. It’s just a very quick internal judgment that we have and we have to do it through practice. Everything’s through practice. We don’t become good at something immediately because we decide we want to be dialing down.


[00:33:49] Ego is best done. Yeah. When.


[00:33:52] When you have a practice where you get out of yourself when you remove the me me me me me thoughts and you’re able to see the bigger picture and how we connect with everything around us then ego kind of takes a back seat.


[00:34:07] It’s like OK you’re in charge not me. Listen. I like that.


[00:34:13] So in order for us to come into this more in our society we’re going to have to start to talk about it more to talk about our intuition and what I find is that we don’t openly share with one another even like our close family and friends when we get these strong whispers in our heart when we’re hearing our intuition. Why is the intuition tabu. Why don’t we talk about it more.


[00:34:41] I believe it’s because we’re still kind of dealing with the repercussions of when people did talk about these things they were shunned or they were told they were bad you know like the Salem witch trials or how paganism wasn’t a part of a religion and like we all had this very fear based idea about people who could explain things that we usually can’t.


[00:35:11] However it’s really funny and I know you probably get this all the time but if you talk to people one on one typically if they know like you have this gift or that you’re able to talk to spirit all of a sudden everyone has their own example of something that’s happened to them in their life.


[00:35:33] That is a form of intuition or spirit communication. We all have a sixth sense. We all have intuitive abilities. We just don’t practice them or we feel like oh I can’t tell people that I have them because people think I’m crazy or bad or charlatan or that it’s embarrassing you know depending on your background and the type of community that you grew up in. So we do we really need to change the conversation that we have around it and understand this isn’t an 8 thing that all of us possess inside of us every single one of us even animals are so intuitive. And when we come to that realization and have that acceptance and realize it’s not bad just lean into it and cultivate whatever and however you receive messages so that it can best serve you in how you live your day to day life. I tell people all the time. Like the difference in how you receive messages. The easiest way to figure it out is yes or no. And so when you ask a question and you can ask spirit or God or you know the universe or all that is whatever you believe in like Is this good for me. And if there’s something in your heart or your head where you get a resounding yes. And like everything in your body gets goose bumps and you’re so pumped.


[00:36:57] That is your your soul or you’re into it intuitions or higher selves. Way of saying this is a good thing to do. This is joyous.


[00:37:07] This is happy when you get those feelings where it feels like the pit of your stomach is dropping and the like you freeze up in like you feel like I can’t move or I’m gonna be sick or oh my gosh I need to like hide my head in the sand or run away. That’s your intuitions way of saying no don’t do this. This is bad. Like stop where you are. Those are intuitive messages. Those are two physiological responses that we can get from our own intuition our own higher self our own soul. And then as you practice and become more familiar with your own abilities you’ll realize that you get messages in different ways. So some of us have the gifts like you do where we can talk to angels and spirits and some of us just have knowing and some of us have visions we all have different gifts.


[00:37:56] We actually do. One hundred percent. You know what. Going back to what you said earlier the ladies who you’re working with who see the color. I love that gift because I don’t have it I can’t see color at all. So I always wonder what would that look like. So I have them describe it.


[00:38:17] And yeah I know everybody does definitely have a spiritual gift it just.


[00:38:23] They’re also different. Absolutely. And I think that’s what really draws us into different types of congregations where we want to find the familiarity and we want to have a sense of community with people who do have similar experiences. That’s where those bonds happen of like where that resounding like me too happens and then you have a different emotional response to your life and you have different experiences because you’re able to share those commonalities. And I think that’s what works so well and very different sectors of like spiritual practice. I think it can be a really great thing to find somebody that helps you cultivate your own spirituality or your own intuition or your own gifts.


[00:39:05] Yeah which is why it’s great that there are so many different people out there like us that you can work with locally because it’s nice to follow people like on a bigger national level. But it’s also nice to have somebody local that you can actually get face to face with and really learn from one on one for sure.


[00:39:26] Absolutely. Some of my best training has come in communities and not necessarily in like a higher education setting. And it’s because you’re able to express your vulnerability ask questions and really be seen witnessed or heard by people who are not going to judge you and allow it allows for some tremendous spiritual growth when you are one on one and are able to have that bond that relationship that that great energy exchange. Yeah yeah yeah.


[00:39:58] You know I know we talked about this a little bit when we were talking about money but one of the cool things that had come out of our last talk was quantum theory because when we were talking about quantum theory we were talking about the realm of possibility.


[00:40:14] So I wondering if you could explain what quantum theory is to our listeners because I just think it’s so fascinating the science behind it and then how it works in a different example other than money.


[00:40:30] Ok. All right. Let me see if I can do this.


[00:40:33] So quantum theory or the realm of possibility is when you have a thought and as soon as you have that thought it is now in the realm of possibility like you pictured it in your mind’s eye or you have felt an energetic response to it or an emotional response to it and now it is actually a possibility if you sit down and contemplate on that thought that goal that dream that aspiration that you have created you now have action steps that you can take to attain that goal that dream in that realm of possibility and so that quantum theory uses that idea to help us manifest. So if you anything that you can perceive you can achieve and I think that’s what’s the really great part of using thought to help us when we cultivate our thoughts and we use it to help us manifest or to bring something into form then that’s a really powerful tool. And so to think of something like That’s not money that you want to manifest. Using quantum theory or realm of possibility would be so OK I can give a personal example of that. When my husband and I were still living in Hawaii we he knew that he was going to go to school somewhere but we didn’t know where and he asked me really generously like if you could choose where we live where would you want to go and I was like Boulder.


[00:42:18] So the odds of us getting to actually move to Boulder rely on the fact of he has to get accepted to this program. He has to pass this program. Then he has to get accepted to the University of Colorado. Then we have to like there was all these big hurdles in the way of actually of us actually getting to Boulder. However what I did it as I was like nope we’re moving to Boulder. That’s it that we are going to live in Boulder. And I started probably six months before my husband went to this school so I didn’t know he got accepted to this school and I’m not UC but like ah see you. But he got accepted into this program where he was going to go somewhere. We still didn’t know where but I was like nope I’ve decided we’re going to Boulder. So I started looking at houses in Boulder. I started researching the kind of clothes I would need to wear in Boulder. I started looking at jobs in Boulder. I started looking at office spaces in Boulder. I started thinking about the type of house and the type of neighborhood I wanted to live in in Boulder. My whole perception was already we’re moving to Boulder.


[00:43:29] Like there’s no other. That’s just it. Like I was so adamant so determined so hard core believed it was happening. So my husband the whole time was just like you’re putting all your ducks in one basket or whatever that expression as you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. You don’t know like you need to look at other places. And I was like Hush now. We’re moving to Boulder. And so I I was looking on the internet looking at different houses found the house that we live in now. I’m like that’s the house I want. And he was like We’re not even moving for like six more months. That house will probably not even be available. I’m like No that’s our house. And I started looking at it and was like oh this would our couch will go here how I want this kind of couch made a Pinterest board. I made a Pinterest board for this house. I didn’t even know we were going to move into. I love it. I was fully believing this isn’t this is it. So I think using that realm of possibility that thought I had.


[00:44:34] We’re moving here and then living as if it already exists. That’s the key to change using quantum theory live as if it already exists. Then that is how I manifested this house. That’s how we ended up in Boulder. Like I just. And that’s the way quantum theory works is that when you start believing in a new reality that thought that you had that realm of possibility and you live it and believe it to be true your external experiences have no other option than to match that perceived reality. So that’s how manifestation works. That is how law of attraction works when you use a thought and you use action steps and start believing it already is real. That is your reality. Everything in your life shifts so that it does become your perceived reality.


[00:45:32] Yeah this came to me in a crazy way. I’m going to tell this story on a different podcast coming up soon but I was on a bus going to go on a business trip.


[00:45:42] I was in the airport I was in this huge cafe area in the airport out at O’Hare and there was no seating anywhere. This guy came and he sat right down and out. Well he asked Can I sit down next to you and I was like yeah you know come on over.


[00:46:01] I started talking to him. He was an inspirational speaker taught me all of this at a really young age.


[00:46:10] Oh cool. I know I know. So we talk a lot about this on the podcast so thank you so much for explaining though the science behind it and actually putting a name on it with quantum theory because I think it just helps to have the background info and oh there’s I was going to ask you that ties into this. Oh you know I was gonna tell you.


[00:46:33] It’s connecting to energy because I am connecting to people’s loved ones and the other side. A lot of times they’ll tell me I need the person that you’re working with Julie.


[00:46:46] I need them to understand how to connect with me themselves and what they teach me and what they show me to tell you is you have to see them as if they’re there right in front of you.


[00:47:00] You have to see what they look like what it would be like to look into their eyes. Give them a hug.


[00:47:06] Touch their hand and as you are connecting with your loved one who is in heaven on the other side through this visualization what you’re doing is calling to their energy bringing their energy closer to you.


[00:47:22] And I really believe that because as you were talking to me what I was seeing from them is that it’s the exact same thing with quantum theory. It’s just with things that we want to manifest in our lives.


[00:47:34] Right. And not only is it that energy exchange then you also have the emotional response. That’s why a lot of people say like even though your loved ones are gone they’re still around you or you can keep their memory alive whenever we think about our loved ones even if they’re not around or not just the loved ones like if you think about a new place that you want to live and a job that you want to have the money that you want to create.


[00:48:00] It’s that energy exchange again like you just said. Like if you have a loving kind happy joyous response to it then you’re going to get more of that. Like it’s no more. It’s a higher frequency emotional reality or perception like you will be closer to that loved one who is on the other side when you can picture like a moment that you had together how they looked when you saw them the hugs that they gave you and funny things that they said you’re having that emotional response and that’s a beautiful energy.


[00:48:37] Same with no money or a job or a place to live or good health you know like when you love your body your body responds so differently. For me I know that like I struggled for a little bit with was like doing that last ten pound weight loss after I had my second kid and I wasn’t treating my body very nice like I was you know doing yoga. I was doing the bare minimum. I’ll be honest. But when I really started like loving my body eating well you know I completely cut out booze doing yoga every day meditating every day my body responded and said Oh you do love me and that the weight released a lot easier and I had been busting my booty at the gym for a year and I was so mad. I was like Why am I not losing weight. This is ridiculous. I hyperventilated twice today


[00:49:32] Because my body is like but you’re not ready to lose it because you’re still treating me like crap. And so I just had to really change that relationship that energy exchange I was having with my body to like for it to go OK I’ll respond positively now I’ll give you the results you want. Also I had to believe that it was going to happen by making these changes. So I feel like we’ve been talking a lot and it’s been awesome about good energy exchange.


[00:49:59] No I love it. You know we talked a lot about a lot of different things today but I think a lot of our listeners are at different points.


[00:50:06] You know some are beginners summer intermediate summer advanced and I’m just wondering you’re kind of like I am you’ve read a lot. You’ve looked at a lot of different things. People are just getting started in this. Are there some books that you could recommend that they picked up.


[00:50:20] Oh man so many you know I really I do like Esther and Jerry Hicks I feel like that’s the really good starter into the woo woo or not necessarily remote but understanding how Spirit works.


[00:50:40] I think Esther has this ability to tap in to connect that communication with Spirit. That was my toe in. And also like the alchemist. Did you ever read that book.


[00:50:55] You know a long time ago. Yeah.


[00:50:59] I think it’s a great book that you can either take. It’s just a really great explanation of the journey and how things unfold and manifest for higher self when we truly believe and. Yeah. Esther and Jerry Hicks are great.


[00:51:16] It’s the toad don’t know very much about them I’ll have to check them out so they are the ones that did Law of Attraction. They coins the whole law of attraction. The secret. I feel like that’s one What the Bleep Do We Know. That’s also it’s also a documentary and not just a book. But those are good like. Way to dip your toe in.


[00:51:35] Did you see the new documentary. This is the one I love so much right now it’s on Netflix it’s called Heal.


[00:51:42] No but you’re the third person to tell me to watch you.


[00:51:44] Oh get out of here. Yeah it’s fantastic. H e l. And if you’ve got Netflix it’s right on there. But it is a great great documentary.


[00:51:55] Oh I’ll. I’ll definitely check it out. Yeah. There’s a lot of different books that people can use to dip their toe in and be like. Does this resonate with me. Yes. Awesome. Take what you need leave the rest.


[00:52:06] Totally. That’s awesome. So Nikki you know the other one that you really recommended and I highly recommend him to is Joe dispenser.


[00:52:16] I love Joe. I love him so much. I love his work. He yeah he resonates with me. I think just so much.


[00:52:24] Oh yeah. He’s really brilliant. And I really just like his vibe his personality I like how he’s scientifically explains the woo. Something that definitely and might obviously resonate with myself where it just makes it more under my little analytical mind. I just really like the way he explains how things work and how we can make that connection. Totally. Yeah. And Dr. John Cabot Zen another great guy. Turn him in. OK. I’ll check it out. Yeah. So wherever you go there you are.


[00:52:59] He wrote that book about meditation really great box them as well and for people who want to find you online again where can they go. So Facebook the Graham I know kids are calling these days


[00:53:14] Is all mind body mana and then my web sites Mind Body


[00:53:18] Oh I see them. Thank you so much. Inherently for being on the show. I just really appreciate your time.


[00:53:25] Thank you so much for inviting me Julie. It’s always so fun to talk to you.


[00:53:28] Oh thank you. Have a great day everyone. Friends I almost miss the best part Nicky Hartley meditation guru meditation teacher.


[00:53:40] She did her own meditation for us to try. It’s about 40 minutes long so I know it’s a little bit longer than we normally do but I’d love for you to sit down and try her meditation. We’re going to put it up right here on the podcast. Again it’s a completely separate episode so that you don’t have to go through and tinker around and try and find the exact time to do the meditation. It is strictly the meditation and yet I’m so excited about it. Try meditation out. Tell us how you like it. Join the conversation over on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram at Angel podcast and I’d love for you to ask questions over there. We’ll just have a lot of fun and your questions that you ask on Instagram. They might just be answered on this podcast.


[00:54:31] Thanks so much everybody. Have a great day and really open your heart to all of those unexpected blessings. That spirit is trying to bring into your life right now


[00:54:54] Disclaimer this podcast provides general information and discussion about energy healing spiritual topics and related subjects the conversations and other content provided in this podcast and in any linked materials are not intended and should not be construed as medical psychological and or professional advice. If the listener or any other person has a medical concern he or she should consult with an appropriately licensed physician or other health care professional. Never make any medical or health related decision based in whole or even in part on anything contained in the angels in awakening podcast or in any of our linked materials. You should not rely on any information contained in this podcast and related materials and making medical health related or other decisions. You should consult a licensed physician or appropriately credentialed health care worker in your community in all matters relating to your health. If you think you may have a medical emergency call your doctor or nine one one immediately. Again Angel messages energy healing and the information you receive here does not constitute legal psychological medical business relationship or financial advice. Do not take any of the advice given and any angels in awakening podcasts or sessions in lieu of medical psychological legal financial or general professional advice. Please note angels in awakening is a podcast produced by Chicago energy healing a company with locations in Wheaton and Naperville Illinois.



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    Positive Money Mindset and Quantum Theory – Spirituality
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