Powerful Techniques to Improve Your Memory from Average to EXTRAORDINARY with Memory Champion Lynne Kelly

Michael Sandler April 26, 2021 5

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If you’ve ever wanted to remember things better, then do we have the Memory Craft show for you.


Today I’ll be talking with Lynne Kelly, the queen of memory, a senior memory champion, science writer, anthropologist, and the author of a brilliant book on the most amazing memory techniques, “Memory Craft.”


That’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about how to improve your memory with the most powerful methods in history, from medieval bestiaries to Tibetan mandalas. 


Key Points Discussed: 

  • Does modern man have the best memory of all time, and how was your memory growing up? (03:26)
  • How old were you when you went back to school, and when did you realize that learning about memory is cool? (05:10)
  • How the mind can get stronger at any age as long as we are working it (07:40)
  • Two powerful mind strengthening methods from medieval Europe that we can learn (08:20)
  • Using obscene images to remember things: The Thomas Bradwardine technique (11:29)
  • How do we use the alphabet to help create a speech if we do not want to have that list in front of us? (14:54)
  • The way bestiaries help people in memorizing names (16:40)
  • Creating memory palaces and how Lynne’s mum influenced her to visit Stonehenge (20:15)
  • What to know about the key things we can use to create our own memory palaces (25:27)
  • What can you tell us about the stories of indigenous culture and how incredible is the amount of knowledge that has been carried forward for thousands of years? (31:10)
  • How every child needs a lot of land that they can call their own and connect with (40:53)
  • The importance of drawing things out (creating a mind map) instead of listing them (49:17)
  • Are exceptional memorizers made or born? (53:29)
  • Improving our memory through making beaded bracelets and necklaces, and the legality of taking such ornaments into school (1:00:03)
  • Do kids have a better ability to learn languages than we do as adults? (1:04:03)


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    Powerful Techniques to Improve Your Memory from Average to EXTRAORDINARY with Memory Champion Lynne Kelly
    Michael Sandler

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