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Secrets to Navigating the Spiritual Path

Elise Carr M.A., February 27, 2020 11

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I want to share with you some wisdom secrets, hard won knowledge and sacred guidance of those who walk the Path; the mystical and esoteric, Yogic & Tantric, conscious and spiritual – however you relate to it. For leading a life upon the more genuine path can be made clearer with guidance from those further along the Way.

What do you need to know from here? Let me share some of the key secrets to navigating what the Path will bring up for you if you do commit, or are already committed to this Way.

Together, We Also Explore

  • The ‘ever evolving’ journey
  • What you will see & feel
  • The Path Will;
  • Make you question everything…
  • Have you on your knees and rip you wide open…
  • Speak only Truth
  • Practice Harmlessness & the Eastern Wisdom’s Five Commandments
  • Purify you – inside and out
  • Show when to Speak & when to be Silent
  • Teach you to Respond not React
  • Guided you to Choose what is Right
  • Have you Learn Cycles – Universal and personal + the 3 key phases
  • Make you Face your Fears
  • Lead you to a Dark Night of the Soul + Feel and Think
  • Show you time is of the essence
  • Ask you to Learn Concentration
  • Require you to Meditate, daily
  • Show you how to Serve – embodying love as selfless service
  • Remind you, you are not alone
  • Show you, even if it is painful…
  • Lead you to The Light of Soul…

Stella Excerpt

“There is aspiring to a conscious, spiritual and soul directed life; liking the way it sounds, being drawn by the shiny exterior of commercial mysticism and magic.  Then, there is the daily dedication it takes to do-ing, be-ing and living the Path as your Way of life. The truer, more genuine Way of reaching the place you long to reach, the inner and out transformation you want to experience. The ways of seeing and knowing this world and beyond – unreliant on any external stimulants or distractions.”

Takeaway Gem

“…any true path will bring darkness and light, it will bring love and separation, it will bring challenge and triumph and it will bring joy, sorrow and pain. Such is the duality of having a human experience while ever striving for the perfect divinity of what you truly are, a soul – made of consciousness, love, light.”


Episodes mentioned;

‘Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul’: https://www.stellamuse.com/navigating-the-dark-night-of-the-soul/

‘Harmlessness: Destroyer of Limitation’





In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M


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    Secrets to Navigating the Spiritual Path
    Elise Carr M.A.,

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