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Julie Jancius December 17, 2019 72

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What are the biggest struggles people face and how does energy healing help? How do you stay joy-filled when you’re stressed? Julie Jancius interviews Nancy Regan, Energy Healer, about the tools and techniques she’s used to help her clients for 20 years. This episode contains every question you’ve wanted to ask an energy healer. We discuss the teachings of various spiritual teachers, motherhood and keeping your high vibe energy as a mom, meditation, having a daily spiritual practice, how to honor your true self and so much more!


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[00:00:00] Hello beautiful souls before we begin I just want to share a few freebies with you first. If you subscribe on my Web site your name and contact info will be put in a jar that I pray on every morning. The Angels also have me pick a few people from that jar every week to text personalized Angel messages too that could be you. All you have to do is subscribe on my Web site. Also you can win a free session with me if you write a positive review of this podcast on iTunes after you post a glowing positive review on iTunes. Just e-mail me with your name contact info and review and you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing to win a free session. For details on all of this visit my Web site, that spelled J A N C I U S dot com.


[00:00:51] You’re listening to angels and awakening where we believe daily life can be lived from a constant state of love joy peace bliss ease and grace Why are people always searching for a better way to live because there is one life doesn’t have to be stress filled and anxiety ridden you can make lasting changes that lead to a life you love. My name’s Julie Genesis I have the gift of connecting with angels and bringing through their healing positive messages to my clients every day. Join us on the angels and awakening podcast each week


[00:01:26] As we explore our big spiritual questions. Interview experts and bring through Angel messages. I am so excited you’re here


[00:01:39] Hello friends welcome back. I’m so excited about our guests today. Today I’m interviewing my friend colleague and teacher Nancy Reagan. Nancy has been a licensed massage therapist for 20 years. She also specializes in energy based somatic therapies. She is an explorer and a traveler. She’s a free spirited individual who encourages people to find their flow and life by allowing their present life to unfold. Nancy works out of Chicago. Glen Allen in Naperville Illinois and she kindly allows me to rent her Naperville office for sessions on the weekends and summer when my husband and daughter are home from school and that has been the hugest blessing for me Nancy because then I don’t have to kick my family out of their house. Friends I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of people and I can honestly say that no one has energy like Nancy’s. She is one of the most beautiful souls inside and out that I have ever met. Nancy and I met over a year ago in fall 2017 and we work with one another twice a month. I will go to see Nancy once a month for sessions. And Nancy comes to see me once a month for sessions and what I love about Nancy’s work is that when she works on me our sessions always include a few different components.


[00:02:55] First we talk a little bit about my life and how things have changed since the last time I saw her and then Nancy will give me some feedback and advice. And then next I lay fully clothed on her massage table and Nancy uses a combination of massage and energy work to clear the energy from my body and I should say for those of you who don’t understand what energy work is. It’s when someone connects with God energy which is the highest vibration that is and brings through that energy to the person that they’re working on for that person’s highest good and highest health. Now you may be thinking, well why do two people who work with energy as a profession need energy healing treatments for themselves. Well think of it like this. Think of it like a massage therapist who likes getting massages too. You could massage yourself. And I definitely work to clear my own energy out daily but it also feels so relaxing and so rejuvenating to receive energy healing treatments as well. So when Nancy is working on me I can feel this high vibration flowing through her every time. Now when I say this I mean I feel this vibration so intensely it feels so real.


[00:04:08] It feels like I can reach out grab it and pick it up. That’s how much I feel this high vibration flowing out of Nancy and after the massage and the energy work is complete. Nancy always brings through intuitive information that she receives while working on me. And Nancy always keeps it very positive. But she tells me you’re focusing too much on this. You really need to be focusing on that. And she’s always totally right. For example when I first met Nancy I was really focused on reiki Reiki reiki and Nancy. I’ll never forget it. You said Julie I work with some big time people people who are mediums on TV and everything you tell me is spot on. You are as good as them. And you said you’re prophetic and at the time I had to ask you a prophetic means because I didn’t even know. But you told me that people want to connect with their angels more than anything. And it was really you who encouraged me to share my gift of connecting with angels most with my clients. That was probably some of the most validating human feedback that I received. And I just wanted to thank you for that so much because that right there just shifted everything so much for me.


[00:05:17] Julie you’re too kind. Thank you so much. It’s always interesting to hear how my work affects people.


[00:05:28] And it’s even more interesting whenever someone says to me Oh well you said and I always am like cause I’m like oh what did I say. But because the fact of the matter is I never I never


[00:05:45] With a lot of stuff totally remember exactly what I’ve said to someone because truly it’s coming from Spirit and not from my own ego space. So if it’s accurate that’s why because it’s not from my you know human judgmental ego space.


[00:06:08] So that’s kind of key.


[00:06:11] But yes exactly.


[00:06:13] I like to thank you for having me on and saying you know what a wonderful intro.


[00:06:22] I’m very honored and very glad you came into my life. It’s been really helpful and healing so.


[00:06:30] Oh good. Isn’t that amazing too. It was just kind of by coincidence we both on this Web site at the same time.


[00:06:37] I forget what that website is tumblr which Tumblr I found on tumblr.


[00:06:45] Yeah. And I was only on there for like a brief period of time and then we connected and the rest is history right.


[00:06:53] Totally intuited it. So nice.


[00:06:57] So Nancy why don’t you tell the listeners more about you and the work that you do.


[00:07:01] Wow. I am a licensed massage therapist for about over 15 years now and I do a little bit of massage. But that’s totally like not my focus at all anymore.


[00:07:18] That’s work that’s not deep enough for me so even though people think it’s deep it’s not. So I’m more interested in working with the energetic body more than the physical body starting out as a massage therapist. I found that I was picking up a lot of information about people and I also found that I was getting some strange physical manifestations that I’d never had before. So it was a long process but it kind of was a path to figuring out why this was happening. So I started doing studies in both energetic type of healing and intuitive studies. So studying with some. Really good psychics going up to infinity Foundation in Highland Park and taking a lot of their classes with Mel Dore who is an amazing teacher and intuitive in Chicagoland and just started working with that more and found that that’s that whole path of feeling into people’s energy and working with the energetic body was really more in alignment and felt more and flow with me with my work. So little by little I started studying a type of therapy called visionary cranial sacral.


[00:08:49] What is that.


[00:08:50] Yeah. That is some people have heard of cranial sacral work and there’s kind of two different forms of it. The main probably the one people are more familiar with is a form of cranial psychotherapy by a pleasure which is a more clinical form of cranial sacral work. And they really focus a lot and it’s more like the actual feeling into like the sutures of the head and like feeling into the movement and just they look at it more just from a clinical base it’s no matter how you put it like cranial sacral is definitely kind of way out there type of work besides massage therapists there are plenty of chiropractors who have learned it and how. Who else. Dentists. And if a doctor’s doing it he’s probably a d o versus an M.D. so that is not the area I’m trained and I’m trained in the visionary so that’s more about intuiting more what you’re feeling and understanding the energetic piece which gives a ton of information about the person what they’re experiencing what their flow is and what not.


[00:10:19] So that’s what it is. I mean there’s books written on cranial sacral it’s actually very complex. So yes I’m trained in cranial psychotherapy and sometimes that’s a lot of it. It’s an easier way for me to explain to people what I do. But I would say I take a big piece of it. My work from cranial sacral therapy because I do focus on both the sacrum and the the cranium the head.


[00:10:49] But I would say my work is kind of evolved into my own thing because what I do is I study with a lot of different teachers and masters and then I kind of take what they teach me and some of it works for me. A lot of times a lot of it doesn’t work for me which is OK. And I just kind of have developed my own type of work with people so. So yes I’m basically I am a licensed therapist massage therapist but I kind of resonate more with. Like it an energy healing practitioner.


[00:11:34] Yeah. Perfect. Well and you know I know the difference but poor people listening out there. I always like to hear what you have to say. What what do you think are the differences the benefits that people receive when they’re getting like a strict massage only verses when they walk away from an energy healing treatment or what would you call it.


[00:11:57] What would I call it well Mossad is wonderful. No one. But that is very much focused on our muscular body which of course is important an energy healing work is more focused on the energetic body which is actually deeper work.


[00:12:21] So the energy of your of your body your soul self whatever it is, is something that we are surrounded by and are deeply affected by. But a lot of people aren’t very aware of their energetic body and this is how a lot of times we get. I like to say zapped by other people or places situations. It’s kind of again like it is a tangible concept but for a lot of people it’s not but energy is just in everything especially us.


[00:13:10] And if we can learn to work with it and feel into it both ours and other people and situations even objects it’ll go a long way to help us. So the whole point of energy healing session which I think this is a bigger piece of it than the massage piece is I want to help people learn to heal themselves. OK. It’s like what you said in the beginning. It’s hard you know you can massage yourself but it doesn’t really feel as good. But with energy work if you consistently receive it you do learn to feel into your own energy and that of others and to work with it.


[00:13:59] And ultimately it helps you to learn like what areas or what people or what situations you’re more in flow with the whole idea is to help you be going you know downstream instead of upstream and removing blocks. That’s another part of the work is to get a lot of times pain and dysfunction whether it’s physical pain or emotional pain which I believe are connected when you have that you have something stuck energetically in your body. So another piece of the work is trying to help people move that out and release it basically releasing what doesn’t serve you.


[00:14:37] And that is the art of it all right. Because we don’t go around as human beings saying oh I really feel like I’ve got this stuck in my throat shocker I really feel like I’ve got this stuck out in my Auric field but as you learn an energy healing modality and you come into it you know when I teach people Reiki the most fun part is the first day when I’m having people for the very first time feel into the different chakras feel into the crowd and feel into the third I feel and to the throat chakra and they look at me with this shocked stunned face because I’ve had people say they feel so different.


[00:15:22] How did I never know that you could go into these different areas of the body and they feel so different but they do well yeah I mean one thing with our society in particular is we’re very focused on everything outside of ourselves to make us feel better or fix us. And the whole point of energy work is to go inside and work with that energy which is really quite a bit more powerful than anything outside of ourselves because you have everything you need and you know what’s best for yourself more than anybody else. And if you can tap into that to that inner wisdom and guidance it’s a very powerful thing.


[00:16:07] Yeah. You know that’s why we’re friends Nancy because everything you say I’m like yes yes yes yes. Out of all the teachers that I met I think I align most with your ideals your philosophy your way of working. It’s the tribe well and like you said before because I really feel like this is how I’ve built my practice is I have worked with a lot of different spiritual teachers along the way. And you’re right. So many of them you get to a point like now not so much just like then just doesn’t work. But there are other parts that they taught me which I do like which I do incorporate but with you there’s just so much that’s just dead on with the way that I see it as well.


[00:16:56] I’m glad. Well again that’s probably an energetic process to be honest with you because if you listen to the energy this is a thing when you really learn how to work with your energy. You learn as you go through life that some people just you’re not going to really flow with an you know it’s not really it’s never really a smart thing or it’s going to be a waste of your time to try and get somebody to be something that they’re not. Right. Right now they are who they are. So you’ll start pulling in more people who are. More aligned with who you are if you’re more in tune with energetically who you are. Yeah. Yeah but definitely the ones who aren’t like you have a lot to teach you.


[00:17:46] That’s better. That’s a fact. That’s true. And nobody knows where everybody you know right.


[00:17:51] That’s true because a lot of the teachers who work for me I learned I I learned what I didn’t want and the way that I didn’t want to do things which was important info.


[00:18:05] Yes.


[00:18:06] So on this podcast and in my work I relate the vibration that I feel that I try to live most of my day and I call it high vibration because I watch Spirit shows me as everything is energy. Well energy vibrates vibrates at different levels or different frequencies. And when I tell people is God is the highest energy vibration that is and what you’re doing is connecting with that energy. And when I live in it it feels like you’re living in a different dimension. It feels like heaven on earth. How do you describe that vibration or what do you believe this high vibration is wow.


[00:18:49] I agree I think the highest vibration is you know the divine god. I also think though it’s love.


[00:18:58] So love being the highest vibration and emotions like I think fear being one of the lower vibrations but it’s really about feeling into when you’re in those type of emotional states. How do you feel you know what’s going on in your body right. Right. Both physically mentally and emotionally it’s all tied together.


[00:19:31] Right. So how do you live your life in that high vibration. How do you maintain it


[00:19:42] For sure.


[00:19:43] My best most important tool is a very solid meditation slash stillness practice. This is something that I do every day. This is how I start my day. Sometimes I will meditate. I don’t know four or five times in a day. And it and you know it’s I try to do it for at least 20 minutes in the morning. If I’m really rushed I can only do five. Fine. It’s better than nothing. But what that stillness practice helps you to learn is that you’re more than your thoughts and your thoughts are always the truth. So I’m a believer of a lot of suffering.


[00:20:37] One may experience is because you are having beliefs in thoughts and information that aren’t even true. So with a stone this practice the idea is to get past that ego mind and more again into your your soul self or your heart space where that is. That is the truth the body does not lie. Your energetic body does not lie. And it helps you learn that all of your chaos and drama and we all have it does not define you at all.


[00:21:20] And it helps you to separate from that and not let it take you over so that’s probably the main without a doubt the main tool that in prayer. You know I always say meditation is like listening to what God has to say to us. And prayer is asking


[00:21:51] Yeah. I would say the meditation practice probably was a game changer for me. Yeah.


[00:21:57] Completely. So I want to go a little bit deeper into this and some real life examples. And a lot of people who are listening right now like myself. We have young children and I challenge myself to hold that meditative high vibrational state as much as I can throughout my day. But one area where I lose that vibration easily is being a parent. And I just find that being a parent brings so much emotion out of me. I mean there’s that aspect of joy and love but there’s also that aspect of fear and stress and frustration and over the last six months my daughter’s been going through this very whiny complaining phase we don’t spank or we don’t believe in that we. And we don’t normally take things away because she’s just always been a pretty well behaved kid but lately we’ve been giving her a choice you can either change your behavior or we’re going to take away your iPad for an hour and that works but the out the behavior starts to come back like an hour later or the next day. In fact we were just at Great Wolf Lodge which is an indoor water park like slash hotel complained non-stop the entire first day. We we ended up getting to the point where we said you have one last chance. And if this behavior doesn’t stop we’re not going to stay a second night we’re just going to go home. And the hardest thing was sticking to that because behavior didn’t stop. So we packed up we went home early and then the waterworks came. Oh my goodness. That year. And since we’ve been going on about six months now with this I find that now I even have anxiety about going places with her because my ego and mind is getting in and saying it’s not going to be fun. She’s going to come plain going with her. You know it’s just not fun anymore. So my question Nancy is this. You have three children. Your youngest is in high school. How did you hold this high vibration in your life when your kids were young


[00:24:10] Wow OK. First of all like parenting is one of the greatest challenges but probably the greatest experience of my life. So holding the vibe high is just realizing that at least personally speaking for me my kids have been my greatest teachers. So for the most part any areas where they’ve really challenged me if I’m really honest with myself I’m looking at their behavior and they’re basically throwing my behavior back in my face I things I need to work on. So first just being aware of that. OK. Second I have found that again if you go back to the energy of it. One really important thing to remember is another thing that is energy is our thoughts.


[00:25:11] Right. It’s. Yeah yeah. I’m. I’m a huge believer in change your thoughts change your life. OK. Absolutely. So your kids can definitely pick up on what you’re thinking. So if you think they’re going to act up and be a pain in the Guess what.


[00:25:32] They probably are so again this is all easier said than done. Because again we’re human and we’re really really powerfully most regulated by our ego space. So a lot of times the best thing to do is when your kid is really challenging you is to go into more of holding a space versus holding the space for them but not giving their you know obnoxious behavior much energy at it. So allow mimes. Kids are acting up because they want your attention. You know they or they just they can’t get enough attention. That type of thing. You know all of us have to learn that we have to take care of ourselves. Right.


[00:26:28] You know there’s there’s going to never be a space in life for somebody who takes care of you nonstop. It’s really up to you. So even you know supermom cannot take care of their kid you know especially attention wise 24/7.


[00:26:46] No we need to eat and sleep too and have downtime. So I think a good thing to do oftentimes is this flight


[00:26:54] Kind of hold their space but not like Don’t fan the fire like energetically you have so break down for people like I know what you mean but for people who don’t understand it tell them what you mean about hold the space.


[00:27:10] And that last piece that you just said like give example something holding the space and this is something that as an energy healer. This is a big piece of the work holding a space means that this person knows that you are there like you’re there as a source of support but unconditional like you’re just going to let them be and you’re going to be there and and help them work through this but it’s their stuff and we’re not going to have judgment on it and we’re going to try and keep them as safe as possible but we’re just going to kind of hold their space and let them work through this themselves because ultimately again like you have the answers you know what’s right.


[00:28:02] Right. So that’s what holding a space is OK. It’s very important to be unconditional though that’s super important.


[00:28:11] So going back to my example of being at great well how much you know there’s a lot of offer I love that place. I mean it’s fantastic it’s so much cool. You can get overstimulated very quickly because there’s just so much to do especially for the young ones.


[00:28:28] So right only back to that example maybe sitting down with her because I feel like I was overstimulated as well maybe sitting down with her and taking a couple of deep breaths saying Ok out there’s a lot to do here we’re going to pick two which is new do you want to do and and go with that instead of just allowing it to be kind of this chaotic situation holding the space coming in and just taking that time out together collectively as a family probably could have helped it.


[00:29:13] Well yeah because that would be giving providing some like boundaries for her which boundaries are very important to. In regards to energy you know it’s when we don’t have enough boundaries that’s when you know we’re just letting too much whether it’s a person or a situation get into our space and it’s too much. Yeah. So yes she probably was overwhelmed. I mean those type of places for me are really hard to you know you won’t see me at Lollapalooza.


[00:29:47] There are certain things if you’re really energy sensitive that you have to answer in yourself and you can’t be bombarded by that.


[00:29:54] Yes I want to go into a couple of things. You know as you’re speaking that what the other side was showing me is I do sit down with her and we do kind of hold that space every once in a while. But what it could be doing longer and what they’re saying to tell everybody here is that the other thing that holding the space means that I don’t do is bringing silence into it. So I work with her every once in a while and we take a couple of deep breaths but I notice that when you have those periods of silence you really center your energy what they’re showing me I need to teach her is taking those periods of silence isn’t a punishment. I mean let’s take away the iPad for a second. Let’s put everything down for a second and let’s just sit and be for a minute and let’s all reconnect with our energy and then let’s come up with a grand plan.


[00:30:52] And I think that probably would have worked better than anything while it shifts the process out of reactionary to action because again like a lot of times when we’re upset and really in our minds space like will react we’ll say things we don’t mean or well you know some people even strike out and do something that they don’t really want to do. So if you give yourself that pause


[00:31:22] And you can go more into a space of like OK stop. What’s the best action here so that you’re not fanning the fire. It’s like in an argument. Think of it this way. We’ve all been in arguments. Of which I avoid this like the plague but it is you most likely in a big argument or a fight. If someone’s attacking you if you attack them back they’re probably going to that’s probably going to take you back and it’s back and forth.


[00:31:56] Ok how about like what happens if if somebody is yelling and screaming at you and you just pretty much like shut it down by holding the space but not giving them any like of their own similar energy back for them to use an attack more with.


[00:32:17] Right. It uses everything.


[00:32:19] It’s a diffuser. Yeah. And if if they won’t stop then you just leave. I mean I always say like silence or no answer is an answer. Yeah. You know it’s a powerful one.


[00:32:34] So that is another way of working with difficult energy.


[00:32:41] So I want to mention one thing because I heard this a while back while we’re on the topic of motherhood and I want to go into it it’s a little bit negative and then we’ll pass it will jump into all the positive stuff. But while we’re on the subject of this you know I heard a male spiritual teacher laugh at women one day and I heard this man say any somebody that I really admire. He said I was on the phone with a female spiritual teacher once and her child was really loud in the background. And when I stepped away from the conversation I could hear the frustration in her voice when she was talking to our child.


[00:33:18] Now I know the big time for female spiritual teacher he was referring to and I know she’s dedicated her entire life to this work. I know personally that she holds a strong high vibration. I know that she’s helped millions of people but this male leader in the spiritual community just really cut her down and made it out to be like she really wasn’t as enlightened as she says she was because of the way that she had handled that situation with their child. And I just want to talk about this for a moment because have you noticed how some people in the spiritual community put on this front of perfectionism themselves. It’s almost like a holier than thou persona. And I just don’t believe it’s real. What the angels show me is that every person here on Earth from the Queen of England to celebrities and Hollywood and CEOs you know everyone has down times and it just frustrates me I guess when these spiritual teachers continue to put on this holier than thou personas because aren’t they going through frustrations and problems in their own lives. That doesn’t stop for anybody.


[00:34:27] That’s right yeah. Yes.


[00:34:31] I’ve experienced this phenomena quite a bit myself and again it’s an ego thing not any one. I’ll tell you what anyone who starts telling or judging people on the Enlightenment factor that they’re not enlightened.


[00:34:47] Guess what.


[00:34:50] They’re not very enlightened themselves. That’s the thing. Who are they to judge that that is your own personal deal. And one person’s enlightenment is not going to be the same as somebody else’s. It’s the whole point is we are all very very different unique perfectly imperfect souls. And the idea is that we need to honor and respect the differences. That’s it. I mean there’s no one way that is going to work for every single person. Yeah. The closest thing is would be would be the concept of love. Right. That’s right. But that’s that’s a very you know not an easy thing to to attain all the time you know. So when all that happens a lot.


[00:35:37] Yeah. There’s a great book out there for anybody who is experiencing this as well and wants more answers to this. I believe it’s called something like after the Enlightenment do the laundry or something to that effect. And it’s it’s so true. Do you get into this state of being. You have to integrate it into your daily life and what does that look like. So I thought that that was interesting.


[00:36:05] Well here’s another thing with enlightenment to in my opinion some of the times I feel most enlightened is when I’m just in the muckety muck of my muck and I accept it and don’t hate myself. OK. A lot of people think


[00:36:27] That I’m somebody that has no problems and I have and I have a very uncomplicated life and all of that because I do come off as quite chill and I am chill. But the fact of the matter is that’s not true at all.


[00:36:46] And I’ve had a ton of really complex I’m a very complex person I’ve had a ton of complex situations in my life both in the past and now and those kind of conflicts though and difficult issues are though what keeps me humble and helps me to work with other people because realistically if you’re truly enlightened you know that everyone’s got their right.


[00:37:17] Yeah. That’s it I’ll make sure everybody has this. Everyone.


[00:37:22] You just have to use the whole point is to help. What are you learning from it. That’s the whole point.


[00:37:28] So let’s jump into a fun topic. All right. We both got dogs this year and unintentionally we both basically named them the same thing.


[00:37:38] You’ve got Lou and I’ve known Lulu.


[00:37:43] I have found I haven’t.


[00:37:45] I want to pet in a long time but we got Sir Fluff kittens of Oxford our little boy shit zoo we got them three years ago and he shifted the energy in our entire house.


[00:38:00] Oh yes.


[00:38:01] Tell me about animals the energy that they hold and the benefit they bring to our well-being.


[00:38:08] Oh gosh. Well our family has basically always had at least one or two dogs and we went through a period where. Earlier this year


[00:38:22] A really special dog we had had Harry who had a lot of problems.


[00:38:28] He was really funny looking and he was to be quite honest with you kind of a gross stuff that a lot of problems but he was the nicest guy ever. So just that energy alone just showed light despite all his problems. He was the nice guy. So he he absolutely was never complaining always loving you know. So he had a difficult demise and it was just really messy. I’ll leave it at that.


[00:39:02] And when he finally transitioned I was like I’m we’re not getting a dog for a long time because just the messes we had to clean up and the emotion and you know he did not. We had to like put him down which is usually you do have to do that but you know we were just hoping he would die on his own. But no. So it was very difficult and I thought No we’re not doing that again.


[00:39:31] Within I would say a couple days. Like the whole energy of our house just shifted. It just it was such a void in the house and it didn’t feel right. So sure enough I think within the speech a lie either within a couple months we had moved show up in our life. So yeah and an animal definitely brings a powerful energy into your home because they are so loving and they do you know these dogs sometimes or not. We don’t give them as much attention or. You know as they want or or but it doesn’t matter. They still love you anyway. Right. So now they add a ton to your to your life and you’re in your household energy without a doubt without a doubt. Yeah Lou has brought a tremendous amount of joy and and healing into our home. He’s just he’s just so loving and no matter what’s happened during the day you can come home and he will absolutely come and sit with you or he always meditates with me it’s so it just yeah they’re very energy sensitive a lot of animals. So again though like you got to look at your energy and see what you’re drawing into and what you need. So right. No because pets aren’t for everybody. Nothing is for everybody but if you’re real energy sensitive person it might be a great thing for you. That’s a good tap.


[00:41:11] I like that. It’s a next question.


[00:41:15] What are the most common struggles you see your clients facing besides the ones that we’ve already talked about and what’s the advice or tips or tricks that you find most help them the foundation whether you know how whether you hate your job whether you have a difficult relationship with your partner or whatever. OK the bottom line is people don’t totally know who they are and what goes along with that is not honoring their self capital S so the whole path to a big piece of the path to feeling more whole and happier is first figuring out who am I you know and then honoring that. And again a lot of that can happen in a space of stillness and getting out of. That mind and which is so influenced by outside forces. So pretty much people are looking outside of themselves you know like those that pair of shoes is gonna make me feel happier. Yeah. Two seconds. Well right. Or this eating that hamburger or you know all the stuff or being with this person or having this car or if I make X amount of money or all of that. OK. Yeah. Yeah. I mean to lie and say it does give you some happiness but it’s it’s a surface type of thing.


[00:43:03] It doesn’t Larry it’s temporary or fully.


[00:43:05] Yeah right. The true happiness is found like within an if this is simple it’s simple. It’s honoring your true self and being ok with that and really knowing your true self.


[00:43:20] It sounds so simple but it’s a very difficult thing to do because we have so many outside influence and distractions that set us off course. So that’s like that is the foundation of everybody I talk to. There’s not one person that can’t relate to that advice.


[00:43:40] Yeah. And with Spirit showing me when you were talking about that when I see a lot with my clients says this is work. A lot of this is working with a spiritual teacher but when you leave you have to do the work on your own on yourself and nobody else can do that work for you in your day to day life. And what spirit was showing me is so much about finding yourself and knowing who you are is about then following and staying in alignment with who you are. So if that jobs not serving you if that person’s not serving you following that because there’s so much fear or so much of our self identity wrapped up in these things that we’re afraid to actually follow the path of who we are. By releasing these things right exactly right.


[00:44:38] Yeah. Mm hmm. And a lot of our beliefs and fast beliefs about ourselves and what not have been conditioned into us is really small. Small Young people. So again it’s not an easy process to really figure out who you truly are.


[00:44:56] But it’s a worthwhile process.


[00:45:01] So what is like the step by step one two three process of what you do when you start to feel anxiety or sadness rise up in your body.


[00:45:15] Ok.


[00:45:17] The first thing I do is just lean into it. I accept it and I don’t try to push it away because I’m a great believer in going if you try and go around something it’s going to take a lot longer to really resolve it and process it and just going right into it. OK. So I. I accept. OK. I don’t feel very happy right yet. That’s it. OK. Second thing I would do is I would probably just take some time out for me and I would probably just depending on what’s going on that day if I have the time to sit down in and just be still for a while that’s great.


[00:46:11] If I’m in the middle of a workday it may be a situation where I just have to take a breath and maybe pull up something positive to read or something that makes me happy or picture whatever and just remind myself that the situation does not define me. Another tool I use quite a bit which is super helpful for me is journaling.


[00:46:36] I will. I will write a lot of it out. And here’s a thing though. Try to write from your heart space your soul space not your headspace. Don’t really think about what you’re writing. Just start right then don’t think about.


[00:46:50] I find. Yeah exactly. I tell my clients the same thing I tell them to get into a meditative state first so that either really coming from their souls to voice their intuition instead of dread right they keep breathing and breathe. Yes. Breath work. Love it. Yep. So here’s another question. You’ve worked with these big time celebrity mediums some who’ve been on TV and people the biggest skepticism that I hear from people is. Well they told me something I went to see this person and they told me something and it didn’t come true. What do you say to those people.


[00:47:32] Well OK here’s here’s the thing and Intuit is and I I feel I totally relate to being an intuitive. First of all. You know you’ve had a great like intuitive reading.


[00:47:54] If you walk away from that session and you think or feel. That’s what I thought that’s what I thought. OK. So again it’s a lot about you already know the answers. It’s just like getting through. Like your your ego space of fear and mindset and whatnot.


[00:48:17] But OK no with intuitive.


[00:48:23] First of all nobody can tell you like. The hardest thing with intuiting for people is the timing piece because there’s so many things that can change and so many variables and aspects going on in a person’s life that can shift the timing and you know linear timing too is just that’s such a human contact spirit world you know all to them like 300 years in our IT TO THEM IS LIKE NOTHING.


[00:48:55] It’s IT’S A those two concepts don’t connect. So things can totally change. So especially with timing. So perhaps perhaps it never comes true. Or perhaps it comes true in a in a long time from now any. What a good intuitive is doing is basically reading the energy of the present situation. OK. So it’s like saying this is how I feel it’s going.


[00:49:27] Like they can kind of feel into you and the situation and feel like yeah. This feels correct and this is the direction it’s going in. Or oh no that doesn’t feel right or it feels like that’s gonna be an uphill battle or that’s pretty much what they’re talking about. Yeah I mean I will say sometimes just really odd information well or random information will pop into your head and you know yo you’ll give a person that information and yeah it could be true I mean I remember one time I ran into a client I saw a once in a grocery store and she was wanting.


[00:50:09] She came to a session cause she was upset that she was having a lot of problems getting pregnant you know and these are these are tricky issues to work with Reno because that’s you know that’s up to God.


[00:50:26] So but I don’t know.


[00:50:29] Apparently I told her that I felt like that she was actually had had a little baby spirit around her and that she would be having a baby here or getting pregnant and the next I gave her a specific time and everything and I guess it was right and I was like oh my gosh I believe I said that to her even with this type of work like sometimes I will say stuff that really is not of my mindset or ego and that’s the great mystery of it.


[00:51:01] Yeah that’s true.


[00:51:03] There is a great mystery to how we get information you know. Right. You know we all have hunches on stuff that really you can’t totally explain there’s no tangible reason for it. There’s absolutely. The more I do this work the more I know that I don’t know more right.


[00:51:22] That’s one thing I know for sure but when we’re dealing with them. Exactly.


[00:51:30] Well remove both.


[00:51:32] Oh good. It is that’s so hard though because I’ve had clients like that too. And you do get information from spirit when they want to know something. But we also live in such a legal society that it’s scary sometimes from my perspective to actually give that information because for example I had somebody come to me. I think it was last spring and she said you know I’m.


[00:52:02] I think it was seven eight months pregnant. I’ve been told by three doctors three nurses to actually abort the baby because they believe something’s wrong. They believe that there’s gonna be major problems. And the this and this woman spiritual team came through and they said there’s nothing wrong with the baby. They were showing me her grandfather holding the baby the baby was absolutely fine. And I think that was one of the the times my ego came in the most and said Yeah how do you tell people how do you tell somebody that it’s gonna be OK. And the crazy thing is that she came back and she said the baby is completely fine. She had the baby and I the way that it occurred within the session I said you have free will. You really have to make this decision for yourself. But this is what I see. And she came back and she said the baby’s completely fine. There’s nothing wrong.


[00:53:06] That’s what I would have done to like honestly. Again you you know the answers and you have to honor what you feel like there’s no body that knows better than yourself but you have to get to that space and really honor it. So but the other type of stuff is very difficult.


[00:53:27] Yeah. So I know for me in my work that spirit has because my ego would come through so much in the beginning. Oh my God Julie you’re going crazy. This can’t be true. You gotta stop this. Don’t tell people this and spirit basically had to knock me over the head time after time after time was just this intense validation because I have always said I just want to be a tool that God can work through. And they’ve constantly come back and said well this is how we’re working through you wake up and how his spirit shown you that validation that what you’re hearing the thoughts that are coming to you is not you it is them for me it’s not really so much like I thought.


[00:54:21] It’s like feeling. It’s very subtle. I don’t know because this is something I struggle with all the time. For me it’s always easier to work with other people than myself.


[00:54:37] Although many things in my life that I’ve really had a strong feeling about have manifested even though I think a lot of people would have said you’re crazy.


[00:54:49] So yeah that’s a real hard one. It’s an ongoing thing. I just have to really trust what I feel and make sure that my intentions are in China. Right. And just


[00:55:07] It’s really subtle and it’s it’s just really knowing what I’m like trying to to help with with the person and what what serving their greatest good. But honestly what serves people the best is to help them figure it out themselves.


[00:55:31] And of course some kind of get that go away of them.


[00:55:35] I don’t really like Yeah I don’t really like to do the bulk of my sessions are in silence right. I do not want to give them a ton of my verbiage you know.


[00:55:47] Yeah. Because no matter what you can’t get away from some of me is going to come in there. I mean you know again this is for human beings. But you know the whole idea is to help them learn to know what that feeling is and when it’s right and when it’s not right.


[00:56:05] Right. And when you say that that’s kind of where our sessions differ a little bit because you tell me sometimes that I just don’t shut up.


[00:56:18] I never thought I’d die. I don’t like the are. Yeah.


[00:56:26] So let me ask you this too because I have a lot of clients who come in and when I get into their energy they have had a parent pass or somebody very close pass and they’re worried about passing the same way. You know Dad passed of a heart attack. Worrying about passing from a heart attack two of these conditions being passed out. You know there’s a lot of moms out there we worry about something happening to our kids. And well my question to you Nancy is have you ever had these deep seeded fears within yourself that don’t come true.


[00:57:07] So not all of the fears that we have are gonna manifest a lot of our fears don’t manifest especially if we don’t focus.


[00:57:14] Yes. So though the work that I give them is overcoming those subconscious thoughts by seeing them self in the future by really living in the daydream of being in the future and what they didn’t want to happen not having happened at all laying tools.


[00:57:34] Do you give people to stop manifesting that stuff in their own lives.


[00:57:43] The main thing would be to just live now.


[00:57:47] Like be present because that’s really all we have.


[00:57:53] There’s no guarantees of even an hour from now. OK so what I’m really about is just acknowledging that the fact of the matter is is that we really don’t have much if any control over anything so it’s more about managing what is happening in our lives right now.


[00:58:22] And another truth is that nothing stays the same. So everything’s going to change.


[00:58:31] You’re not united the same person even secularly an hour from now. So there’s no being really focused on the future which many people are. That’s one of my demons that I fight that creates so much anxiety right. Like just learn to be happy with like what you’re happy with right now in this present moment if you can learn to do that then that is going to help you release a lot of fears and the same goes for the past you know. Some of our past is great and some of it’s not so great. That’s for everybody.


[00:59:14] Yes learn from it but enjoy now.


[00:59:18] That’s the main thing that you know one of the things that we’ve been working on this year together is I’ve been having sciatic pain and plantar fasciitis that just popped up this summer. I know it’s all connected from my hip to my foot. And I know that it’s connected to some emotional junk that I’m carrying. I want to talk about how what we experience in our life. We hold in our bodies. How do you see that working. How do you get to the root of the issue and work it out of the body. I know you’ve had some great tips for me and I just want to share those with our listeners Wow. I mean that’s more


[01:00:03] I am of the belief that whatever physically is going on with you there is some there is an emotional energetic base to it. OK. That’s my belief Absolutely. A very Eastern type of philosophy. OK so you know pain can manifest in a lot of different ways. And the way I work with it is just I am more


[01:00:33] Work with the overall energetic body vs. I sometimes I will specifically like lay hands on a specific spot that might be hurting somebody.


[01:00:47] But I don’t know if that’s necessarily better than just doing my thing where I’m at the head and just like sending the energy on through you know it’s all about getting the energy moving. I like to compare it to like compare like the ocean to a stagnant stinky pond. You know those are two completely different energy. Presence of energy.


[01:01:17] So that’s great. Yeah. I love that one.


[01:01:20] Well you got to keep things moving movements super important in all forms whether it’s energetic physical or mental. When we stop moving usually great things don’t happen. So just try to keep people moving and as an energy practitioner it’s just kind of tapping in and giving them a nudge so that they can heal themselves. I’m just the conduit.


[01:01:49] So one of the things that I’ve learned that’s been I’m going to say a little bit shocking to me is I’ve never put emphasis in my entire life on flexibility and I know that’s the premise of yoga but coming into this over the last four years I’ve realized that that tightness creates so much pent up energy within our body. It is a you know they have edge and the power of flexibility it’s just you can’t deny it. And I have I have conversations and I’ll be out at parties or out at dinners and people be like oh I don’t stretch you know I go work out but I don’t stretch and they don’t put there like me how I used to be zero emphasis on flexibility but it really helps work so much energy out of our bodies.


[01:02:55] It does but maybe not for everybody. Like there’s different things you know. The key is you have to find out what works for you energetic. So like for me I finally embrace that. I hate working out and I hate the gym and you know what. When I finally embrace that guess what I’ve lost. You know like 28 pounds you know yeah I mean I need to move but my form of it is more either walking or. I love to do movement somatic movement things like that. I mean but obviously the main thing is that eating is right. So but again it’s different for everybody everybody. So so just finding out what works.


[01:03:54] I have some rapid fire questions and I want you to give me your intuitive answer some are big big spiritual questions but I want to hear you’re short quick. Just what you have to say about them. This one or two words. Oh no. Let’s. Yeah. Like a sentence or paragraph couple of sentences or paragraph you know. OK. OK. So here we go. Some rapid fire questions. What is the point of life.


[01:04:26] Why do we come here when there’s so much pain the point of life is to to learn to love one another and yourself.


[01:04:37] Perfect. What is the soul the soul is your energetic heart being


[01:04:48] Who you are what you are here to do. It’s the core of love.


[01:04:56] I love that if you could only leave your kids with one piece of advice what would it be.


[01:05:03] Oh my gosh it would be be yourself and love yourself.


[01:05:07] Love it.


[01:05:10] Okay. This is just for me. But. Who do you know that I definitely need to interview on this podcast.


[01:05:18] Yeah Mel Doerre. Do you think he would do it.


[01:05:21] Yeah I some I mean go have a session with them. Yeah see if you are in alignment with him. Yeah he’s a great guy.


[01:05:30] Well thank you so much Nancy for being on the show. Being on the podcast if anyone wants to get in touch with you. How do they find you.


[01:05:40] Well thank you Julie. It’s this it’s always fun to talk about this stuff and it makes me think. And then I have to not think so I have to speak from the heart. But if anyone wants to contact me you can find me at my website which is w w w Chee baby income. And that’s she c h i baby b a b y dot com or my number is 6 3 0 8 9 0 3 6 1 3. That’s on the website and I’m a better texture with response. You’ll get a quicker response with a text because I can do that very quickly in between clients and whatnot.


[01:06:30] So perfect perfect.


[01:06:34] Well thanks again Nancy. I hope you have the best. 2013 I feel like it’s gonna be a fantastic year and as we’re taping this it’s the beginning of January so I wish you the best of luck this year. And thank you so much for what a huge blessing you’ve been in my life or you as well. Julie here’s


[01:07:07] My dear friends you don’t know what an incredible huge huge huge blessing it is to this podcast when you write a glowing positive review for us. It truly helps us get the best experts on the show. I know this might sound a little complex but if you send me an email after you post a glowing positive review here I will put your name into a monthly drawing to win a free 30 minute Angel message session with me and it may just be broadcast on this show at a later date. Your name will be kept in the drawing every month until you win when you email me. Don’t forget to include your name contact information and positive review. I hope you win


[01:07:51] Tune in for a new episode next week where Al share tools and guidance that can help you fall in love with your life and start living it from a place of peace bliss and ease.


[01:08:01] Thank you so much for listening to the angels and awakening podcast. Until next time knowing your heart just how deeply you’re loved on the other side and open up your heart to all of the random unexpected blessings that your angels and your spirit team are trying to bring into your life right now.


[01:08:25] Disclaimer this podcast provides general information and discussion about energy healing spiritual topics and related subjects the conversations and other content provided in this podcast and in any linked materials are not intended and should not be construed as medical psychological and or professional advice. If the listener or any other person has a medical concern he or she should consult with an appropriately licensed physician or other health care professional. Never make any medical or health related decision based in whole or even in part on anything contained in the angels in awakening podcast or in any of our linked materials. You should not rely on any information contained in this podcast and related materials and making medical health related or other decisions. You should consult a licensed physician or appropriately credentialed health care worker in your community in all matters relating to your health. If you think you may have a medical emergency call your doctor or nine one one immediately. Again Angel messages energy healing and the information you receive here does not constitute legal psychological medical business relationship or financial advice. Do not take any of the advice given and any angels in awakening podcasts or sessions in lieu of medical psychological legal financial or general professional advice. Please note angels in awakening is a podcast produced by Chicago energy healing a company with locations in Wheaton and Naperville Illinois.



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