Take a Breath

Kristine Carlson July 16, 2021 2

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Life has changed. No matter who you are and where you live, chances are that your life has changed to some degree in these times; be it in your career, in your household, or even just in your conscious or subconscious awareness that the world is now a much different place. You’ll learn how to reconnect with your breath so you can “track” the source of any anxiety you may be experiencing – allowing you to step fully into life as it is.

Listen in, and learn how you can access the wisdom of these timeless teachings through Kristine Carlson’s Happiness Training Course, designed to address the demands of today’s busy, technology-driven lifestyles. 


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Kristine Carlson

New York Times Best Selling Author, Kristine Carlson invites you to practice Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Wisdom for simple ways to live your most vibrant life of joy.

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