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I often try to take a kind, gentle, and loving line on interviews, and always look for the good in everyone. But when it comes to the food industry, they often act like Big Tobacco…feeding us unhealthy chemicals, while telling us they’re safe.

I send love to everyone, but we need to make the choices that protect our health, and the health of those we love (Mom and Dad, I hope you catch this interview). 

So I was so happy to have Vani Hari on the show today, talking about the food industry’s lies and what we can do about it! 

Here’s to your health, and may you enjoy this interview!!!

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out what in the world is safe to eat, then do we have the Feeding You Lies show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Vani Hari, New York Times Best-selling Author, food activist, the founder of and the author of a brilliant book on transcending the lies and eating healthy, Feeding Your Lies.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about unraveling the food industry’s playbook and reclaiming your health!

Feeding You Lies Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:


  1. What happened with Vani Hari and Chick Fillet?
  2. What happened with Vani Hari and Starbucks?
  3. What is Big Food and what is Big Food’s dirty secret?
  4. How does Big Food spread their lies?
  5. What are some of the top lies we’ve been fed?
  6. Can the FDA help protect us?
  7. Why was coconut oil attacked?
  8. Is coconut oil really safe?
  9. What are the dirty dozen and why were they under attack (to find the dirty dozen visit
  10. What’s the difference between foods in America and foods in Europe?
  11. How can we take action steps to protect ourselves?
  12. Are gluten free foods really safe?
  13. What’s wrong with “low calorie” foods?
  14. What’s the truth about calories?
  15. What’s the truth about soft-drinks (and how do we get off of them)?
  16. What’s the truth about artificial sweeteners?
  17. What are fattening chemicals?
  18. What are some of the hidden names for sugar?
  19. What does “natural” really mean on a label?
  20. What are “natural flavors” and what’s their harm?
  21. What’s the importance of reading the labels?
  22. What are three important questions to help you choose wisely?
  23. What’s the danger of weed-killer, and how does it get in our foods?
  24. What’s the importance of organics?
  25. How do we want to eat (or snack) if we’re pregnant?
  26. What do we need to know to keep our kids safe?
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