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Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 3

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If you’ve ever wanted more peace, happiness, and prosperity in your life then do we have the Mantras Made Easy show for you!

Today I’ll be speaking with Sherianna Boyle, adjunct psychology professor, seasoned yoga instructor, energy practitioner and the author of six books, including a new blissful favorite of mine I want to share with the world, Mantras Made Easy.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about the power of your words to bring in happiness, peace, prosperity and more. 

That plus we’ll talk about amethyst mala beads, the Goddess Lakshmi, why you want to feel everything, and attach to nothing, and what in the world Halloween glitter and zipper bracelets have to do with anything!

The Power of Mantra’s Self-Improvement and Self Help Topics Include:

  1. What does Om Mani Padme Hum have to do with anything?
  2. Why a book on Mantras?
  3. How is the body programmable by language, words, and thoughts?
  4. What’s so special about Sanskrit mantras?
  5. What are seed sounds and why are they so powerful?
  6. How do different statements affect our energy levels?
  7. What’s it mean to be in a depleted state?
  8. How do mantras help release subconscious emotions?
  9. What’s the importance of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth?
  10. Why do we want to repeat certain mantras 108 times?
  11. How do mantras help change our brainwave state?
  12. What’s the power of Om?
  13. What are the best ways to use mantras?
  14. How do you develop a relationship with your mantra?
  15. What does it mean to believe in your words?
  16. What do you do if you don’t believe the words in your mantra?
  17. What’s the importance of mala beads?
  18. What’s it mean to neutralize unhappiness?
  19. How can mantras help with fear and anxiety?
  20. How can mantras help with love?
  21. What’s the importance of Ho’opono’pono
  22. What are mantras for healing?
  23. What’s a mantra for auto-immune diseases?
  24. What are great mantra’s for wealth and prosperity?
  25. What are mantras for peace?

Sherianna Boyle on the Power of Mantras for Health, Peace, Happiness & Prosperity! + Guided Meditation! Fitness | Career | Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire

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    THE POWER OF MANTRAS!!! + Meditation! Sherianna Boyle | Health | Fitness | Inspiration | Motivation | Self-Help | Inspire
    Michael Sandler

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