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If you’ve ever wondered how emotions work, and what it means for all of us, then do we have the how emotions are made show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, an NIH award winning researcher and a university distinguished professor of psychology at Northeastern University about her new book, How Emotions are Made.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about, about the secret life of the brain and what in the world it means for us.

That plus we’ll talk about Rowdy the dog, chimps and bonobos, right and left dog-tail wagging, eating baby bees, infant baby expressions, mistaking the flu for the love, and what in the word, fuzzy cheese pizza vomit and edible baby-poo have to do with anything!

Self-Improvement and Self-Help Topics Include:

  1. What do 8 “failures” at the University of Waterloo have to do with anything
  2. Why is anxiety and depression so confusing to people
  3. Can people really recognize their emotional states?
  4. Are there only a handful of emotional states?
  5. Are emotional states hardwired into the brain at birth
  6. Do people worldwide all have the same emotions
  7. Is there a biological finger print for different emotional states
  8. How is the brain creating emotion on the flies
  9. Why is what we’ve learned about emotions so important in experiencing emotions
  10. What do social constructs have to do with our emotions
  11. What is the wiring in infant brains
  12. How do our brains wire themselves to mirror the social and physical environment they grow up it
  13. Why the big innovation of brains is not cognition but is brain plasticity
  14. How is the brain guessing what’s going to happen next, and how does it make sense of these sensations
  15. What do the sensations of attraction and the flu have to do with one another?
  16. Why our confidence to read people can get us in real trouble
  17. Why are women more likely to die from heart disease than men
  18. What does emotional stereotyping have to do with women
  19. Why is there a glass ceiling for women in their career, and what’s the difference between female expressiveness and male expressiveness
  20. How does this emotional bias play out in elections with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?
  21. What’s the danger or false perception of an amygdala response?
  22. Why the amygdala is not really the home of fear, emotion, or irrationality, and what understanding this really means for us.
  23. What does the limbic system really mean?
  24. What in the world is the political flu and what does it have to do with our emotions?
  25. How can we protect our emotional state?
  26. What it means to titrate our exposure to negativity?
  27. What’s the importance of mindfulness?
  28. How is gratitude an antidote to acrimony?
  29. Where does compassion fit into things?
  30. What to do when your brain is mobilizing the body to do something
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  32. What it means to be an architect of your own experience and how to empower your life!

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