THE SECRET TO SETTING POWERFUL INTENTIONS!!! Plus Automatic Writing!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu

Michael Sandler January 10, 2020 60

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Discover what’s not working with your Law of Attraction, but what does. You’ll discover the secrets behind intention setting, and one powerful tool that can help you manifest the life of your dreams.

Learn about Automatic Writing ( a process to help you tap into your inner-wisdom, get answers from your highest self, and tremendously boost your ability to manifest.

You’ll learn how to set intentions, use automatic writing, and to tap into this wisdom on a day to day basis.

There’s a science and a secret to intention setting, and in this powerful discussion between Michael Sandler and CJ Liu you’ll learn how.

Of course, you’ll also learn why a mountain lion literally came to visit Michael, and what in the world happened to CJ on the Canadian Border (hint, it wasn’t her proudest meditative moment!)

But through our experiences, we can learn how to go even deeper, dive into our inner wisdom, tap into the power of the universe, and truly manifest or attract, the life of our dreams.

Discover the secret to powerful intention setting, in this amazing episode!!!


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    THE SECRET TO SETTING POWERFUL INTENTIONS!!! Plus Automatic Writing!!! Michael Sandler and CJ Liu
    Michael Sandler

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