UNMASK YOUR GREATNESS & LET GO OF WHAT HOLDS YOU BACK!!! Plus a Guided Meditation | Sandra Joseph

Michael Sandler December 18, 2019 6

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If you’ve ever wanted more genuine, fulfilling life, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Sandra Joseph, The Record-Holding, Phantom of the Opera’s longest leading lady and the author of a phenomenal new book on living your life, Unmasking What Matters.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about 10 key life lessons, from 10 years on Broadway to unmask what matters most, and step into your field of power.

Unmasking What Matters Topics Include:

  1. How did she become the longest running lead actress on Broadway?
  2. How did she get into acting?
  3. How did she overcome the fear of public speaking?
  4. What’s the importance of facing fears to prevent regrets?
  5. What happened in her 5th grade performance that changed her life?
  6. What was her vow and what can we learn from it?
  7. What was her commitment she made after college and what does that mean for us?
  8. How do we move past the internal wiring that’s holding us back?
  9. How did she move past her fears to get the lead role in the Phantom of the Opera?
  10. How do we move past Imposter Syndrome?
  11. How do we move past our wounds from the past?
  12. What’s it mean to see behind the mask?
  13. What’s the importance of starting a discussion with worthiness?
  14. What does it mean that we’re truly enough? 
  15. How do we turn toward ourselves?
  16. How do we counteract our tendency to beat up on ourselves when things haven’t gone well.
  17. What’s the importance of presence? 
  18. How do we take a vow of ultimate kindness toward ourselves?
  19. What’s it mean to let yourself be seen?
  20. What’s the importance of choosing love over fear???
  21. How do we move past self-criticism? 
  22. What’s the importance of self-compassion?
  23. What’s it mean to stand in your field of power?
  24. What’s it mean to value your role???
  25. What’s the importance of unconditional love?
  26. Who is the Phantom of the Opera who didn’t get away?
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    UNMASK YOUR GREATNESS & LET GO OF WHAT HOLDS YOU BACK!!! Plus a Guided Meditation | Sandra Joseph
    Michael Sandler

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