What is The Answer to War? How to Love First and Ask Questions Later! Preemptive Love with Jeremy Courtney

Michael Sandler May 3, 2021 6

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If you’ve ever wondered how to make a real difference in the world, then do we have the Love Anyway show for you.


Today I’ll be talking with Jeremy Courtney, one of the world’s true heroes and the epitome of an open-hearted warrior, the founder and CEO of Preemptive Love Coalition, a relief and job creation community working to end war, and the author of one most powerful life changing and must read books, “Love Anyway” 


That’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how and why to end war, the real work on the inside, and what in the world is pre-emptive love?


Key Points Discussed: 

  • What did 9/11 mean to you? (03:25)
  • How did grandpa no-no’s path affect the trajectory of your life? (05:22)
  • Seeing people do triple flips in war zones and former war zones: How love and pain changes us (08:03)
  • The mission in Turkey and what it was all about (09:50)
  • A Jesus way of living and how it cracked his heart (13:05)
  • Experiencing a profound spiritual experience and stumbling into a higher way (15:08)
  • What in the world made you visit Iraq? (20:26)
  • What the people were like in Iraq and his journey of assimilating into the new norm (27:45)
  • Who is brother B and how did he influence your life? (30:47)
  • Loving first and asking questions later: Jeremy’s brand of religion (35:10)
  • What happened when the genocide started? (46:42)
  • How responding quick in times of violence stops the spread of violence from one person to another (50:00)
  • Can you carry us forward in the timeline of 2014 to approximately today in Iraq? (54:24)
  • What do you mean by something is wrong with our maps and our way? (58:47)
  • Diving in on the inside on an individual and group basis of seeing the richness within rather than just the topography that we think we’re seeing on the surface (1:04:26)
  • There are no victims on the other side of pre-emptive love (1:07:23)


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    What is The Answer to War? How to Love First and Ask Questions Later! Preemptive Love with Jeremy Courtney
    Michael Sandler

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