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What Is The “Yes Pattern” in Relationships?

Teal Swan June 23, 2021 1

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What Is The “Yes Pattern” in Relationships? In this video, I want to explain to you what the yes pattern in a relationship is and how it’s affecting you

Humanity is in the process of learning how an individual can have themselves and be in a relationship with another person at the exact same time. At the current moment, most of humanity does not know how to do this. Many people feel like they have to choose between having their own personal truth (including thoughts, feelings, preferences, aversions, desires etc) and being alone. Or to be close, connected and together with others at the price of giving up their personal truth. When they do this, there is very little authenticity in the relationship. Very little actual honesty. Being inauthentic is exhausting. It feels bad. It feels like closeness, love and connection is conditional upon putting on an act and being different than you are.

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