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What Is Your Motivation For Decisions?

Teal Swan May 4, 2020 6

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What Is Your Motivation For Decisions? I want you to think of the face of a compass. Imagine that South represents the unwanted. And due North represents what you really want. When you have a clear idea of what South is, you can use that awareness to then define what direction true North is and start taking actions in that direction instead. But many people don’t do this. They see South and don’t want to go South and so they go East or West simply to avoid going South. Or they keep going South, hoping that it will magically turn into North. Or they keep pointing South, screaming that the South should change into the North because it is so wrong for being the South. Essentially, they live their life fighting South or avoiding it. Some people spend their lives fighting the unwanted or avoiding it. Neither is actually going in the direction of what they DO want.

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    What Is Your Motivation For Decisions?
    Teal Swan

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