WHY DOES WHAT I DO MATTER? What to do to Help Build a Better World! with Dr. Ervin László

Michael Sandler November 30, 2020 6

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If you’ve ever wondered how in the world to get out of the crisis we’re in, individually or collectively, then do we have the How We Can Build a Better World show for you.

Today I will be talking with one of my all-time favourite guests and human beings, Dr. Ervin László. Winner of numerous peace prices, two times Nobel Peace Prize nominee, the discoverer of the Akashic Field, and the author of many of my favourite books and treatises including How We Can Build a Better World: The Worldshift Manual and Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything!

That is just what I want to talk with him about today, about how we can positively survive, thrive, and plug in, to shift our lives, shift the planet, and leave a sustainable home for countless generations to come. Plus, we will talk about Genomes and Phonemes, a sacred dance, the Akashic Field, coherence, and oneness, and what in the world using The Force has to do with anything!

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    WHY DOES WHAT I DO MATTER? What to do to Help Build a Better World! with Dr. Ervin László
    Michael Sandler

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