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Why Is God Not Correcting Bad Things In The World? | QA With Swami Mukundananda

Swami Mukundananda March 25, 2020 7

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People often think that there is so much bad going around and feel why does God just sit and do nothing about it? People see suffering in this world, and then wonder if there is a God why doesn’t he finish the suffering that exists? Pragyan Vaidya an advocate from Ahmadabad, Gujarat asks this question to Swami Mukundananda in this final episode of the question & answer session.

Swamiji answers him and says that time and again people come to him and tells him the same. He gives an example of the 2013’s flooding of Uttarakhand and says that the natural calamity has shaken many out of their belief on God, many have turned atheist.
We can keep a lot of expectations from God. Forget about finishing sufferings, why does not God make one fully knowledgeable? Why does not God release me from the realm of material energy? Why does not he make me a God-realized saint? It’s within His ability to do so. Swami Mukundananda asks back, “Are these demands that we put on God actually reasonable? Take God out of the picture for a while and consider the government of the country. We have prisoner, now if a prisoner says that it is within purview of the powers of the government to release me, why is the government not releasing me? The government will say it is within our purview and jurisdiction but the question is you take a look at what you deserve. You are in the prison house because that is what you deserve. Similarly, God’s purview and jurisdiction is infinite. But we should look at what we deserve. It is said that the law of God is- you do not get what you desire but you get what your deserve. We are here in this material realm which is ultimately a place of suffering and here because that is what we deserve. Out of our free choice we made a decision that I wish to turn my back towards God and that choice of ours to turn away from God brought us here in the material realm.”
The world is ultimately a place of suffering. It is being created like the prison house of God. It is for souls who have not chosen God but have chosen to go away from God in our consciousness. For eg; if we go to a hospital and say why there is so much suffering here? Why are people so sick out here, why doesn’t the manager do something? The manager will say this hospital is built with the purpose of housing sick and suffering people. Similarly, when we look in this material world where materially conditioned souls reside, it is natural that we find suffering. Do not blame God for it. If you want better, you deserve better. How? By turning around towards God, by becoming God conscious. This world is not God’s only abode there are many other Divine abodes. Once a soul becomes God conscious and surrenders to Him, God will take the soul out of this material world and transcend him to His other Divine abodes.

Swami Mukundananda who is a foremost disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharah quotes from The Bhagavad Gita and says that Lord Krishna told Arjun that having gone there once the soul never returns to this place of suffering again that is my (God’s) Divine abode. Swamiji further says, “So if we want to see God’s creation free from suffering, full of knowledge, full of love, full of bliss; He has His Divine abodes refered as Golok, Saket Lok, Vaikunth Lok, Shiv Lok, Devi Lok, Param Vyom Lok, etc.”

Swamiji at the end gives a new twist to the suffering and says that the suffering has purpose. What is the purpose of the suffering? Listen to the full answer.

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    Why Is God Not Correcting Bad Things In The World? | QA With Swami Mukundananda
    Swami Mukundananda

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