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If you’ve ever wondered how to bring out your bravest boldest self, then do we have the presence producing show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Amy Cuddy, Harvard Professor, amazing Ted Talk speaker, and new york times best-selling author of one of my new favorite books, Presence.

Today we’ll talk about bring your boldest self to your biggest challenges, plus impostorism, iposture and power poses.

That plus we’ll talk about l’esprit d’escalier – the spirit of the staircase, why we want to stop being silk, what we can all learn from Barishnakov, when you want to shut off an annoying fan, a challenge to all daughters, sisters and female friends, what we can all learn from pill bugs, and what in the world happens when you decide to marry an Australian.

Self-Help and Self-Improvement Topics Include:

  1. Who are Boy and Bear?
  2. What is Ted-Talker Amy Cuddy 101
  3. How a roller-skating waitress decided to become a psychologist
  4. What is the Spirit of the Stairs?
  5. What was an elevator pitch gone bad
  6. What is synchrony and what does it mean when someone is being present and authentic?
  7. What we can learn from Lakshmi Balachandra and venture capital pitches
  8. What’s the challenge for psychology researchers for self-esteem
  9. What’s the difference between cockiness and confidence
  10. What studies show you want to bring to a job interview.
  11. What we can learn from Susan Cain, the author of Quiet about introverts and presence.
  12. What’s wrong with self-affirmations
  13. What’s she learned from Mikko Nissinen professional ballet and Baryshnikov
  14. What is presence?
  15. What does presence have to do with mindfulness?
  16. How do we take presence off of its pedestal?
  17. What is impostorism?
  18. When an opportunity comes to us, should we all do the New Zealand
    1. Why it’s really about preparing the self
  19. How does the body shape the mind, and what’s it mean to starfish up?
  20. What are power poses and what does it have to do with expansiveness
    1. Why did power poses catch on from the Ted Talk?
  21. How to help women feel more expansive
  22. How team sports may help girls to be more expansive
  23. What is iPosture and what’s so bad about being on our phones and smaller electronic devices
  24. Why an iHunch or ‘text neck’ makes us feel sad and less assertive
  25. What’s the importance of expansive posture and expansive breathing
  26. Why breathing is tied to good posture, and what that means
  27. What are a few key ways to mind our posture throughout the day?
  28. Why it’s so important to teach our kids that how they carry themselves changes the way they feel
  29. What we can learn from College Confidence with ADD by Michael Sandler.
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